Senior Javascript Developer (Remote/Full-Time)

Senior Javascript Developer (Remote/Full-Time)

Toronto, Ontario  - Permanent

Job Description

We are looking to multiple Software Engineers to help us keep shipping features to customers who love our products.

Day-to-day, they’ll be responsible for taking high-fidelity prototypes and transforming them into fully functional features with a solid and secure API backend, clean front-end components, and automated tests. We pride ourselves on our High-quality code and the ability to deliver milestones all the way to production are our key metrics for success.

Some facts about our tech stack:
•Our team is really enjoying React, Redux and Apollo GraphQL client with ES6 and SCSS.
•Frontend code is unit-tested using Jest and Enzyme and cleanliness is maintained using latest approaches (ESLint, AirBnB style guide, Prettier).
•Styling is separated from components and modularised using CSS modules approach with the help of webpack.
•Our application backend is built on Ruby on Rails.
•We take full advantage of Postgres with a trigger-based time machine, SQL views, and a willingness to drop from ActiveRecord to raw SQL when it makes sense.
•AWS is our product’s home.
•Sidekiq, Redis, ElasticSearch and websockets definitely play their parts.

More details on our engineering workflow:

•Each month we agree to milestones to deliver by the end of the month.
•We release to production once every two weeks.
•Jira and Slack help us coordinate across continents and time zones.
•Gitlab helps us improve each other's code, and our well-tuned linter keeps reviews quick on style and heavy on substance.
•Our QA team works hard to catch issues, bugs, and cross-browser glitches before we merge a pull request into the mainline, and again before release in the weekly smoke test.
•Gitlab CI gives us the power to continually improve our automated testing infrastructure.

Special Perks:

We'll promise you a great company, good compensation, an ever improving benefits program and an equity stake in a company with great career advancement opportunities.

Must Have Skills:


5+ years software development experience, ideally with React and Redux

You are a responsible, skilled, helpful, and kind person at your core. You are team player and realize that other rely on discipline and ability to get things completed and on time for the rest of your team members but you also know when to stop working and value the smart solution over the hard one.

We’re looking for someone who:

Proposes the pragmatic solution to painful problems
Finds opportunities to teach others, mentor and grow not only themselves but the community around them
Loves to hear about the value our work delivers to our customers
Kindly and consistently pushes the team forward, but knows also know when and how to pick their battles


Starting: ASAP