Manager, Software Engineering (Machine Learning)

Manager, Software Engineering (Machine Learning)

Toronto, Ontario  - Permanent

Job Description

Who We Are Looking For:

You have experience managing a team of technical software engineers along with a proven track record of shipping large scale big data or machine learning software. You are equally comfortable getting your hands dirty wrangling data with data scientists, pair programming with engineers, or just delegating to them when you are needed elsewhere. You take a deep personal interest in developing the careers of your direct reports knowing that your primary objective is to make sure they are motivated and aligned with the company’s goals.

You have a strong background in data and software engineering, and have a strong focus on building robust, scalable and maintainable systems. You think of data as a first class citizen, constantly paying attention to all the subtleties involved in building a complex data product. You understand a machine learning system is much more than just the models but can comfortably talk about ML algorithms whether it be simple linear regressions or LSTMs.

As a strong communicator, you are comfortable interacting with a variety of peers such as product managers, data scientists and other engineering leads knowing that the software your team ships fits into a larger system. You have proven ability to work with others through ambiguous situations and you are proactive at identifying potential problems before they become issues.

Must Have Skills:

- Experience managing, growing and developing a software engineering team
- Proven track record shipping large, complex machine learning systems/applications
- Background in machine learning & statistical techniques
- Ability to communicate clearly with technical and non-technical stakeholders at all levels
- Proficiency in Python and common data manipulation and ML libraries
- Experience working with SQL, Spark and common cloud services


Starting: ASAP