Build Master

Build Master

Montreal, Quebec  - Contract

Job Description

Our client is looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Build Master to join their EMR Mobile Team to help them improve the capabilities of the automated build system used by the team.

Project details:
Many of their teams are moving to a shared Jenkins CI environment, and they are looking for a team member who can support the growing needs for per-project build improvements. Work would start with the EMR Mobile team, but other teams could benefit.

Team size: ~25 people distributed across the country.


Our client is looking for a candidate with experience building and modifying Jenkins pipeline-based build builds and managing Jenkins agents and master instances.
Experience with Windows, MacOS and Linux scripting is essential.
Experience managing automated build processes for Android or iOS applications is also an asset.

Some of the key tasks you will be required to do include:

Manage build automation environment:
o Ensure sufficient build agents are available and running, and work with architecture team to increase number of agents if necessary
o Ensure all build agents have required dependencies
o Monitor resource utilization on build infrastructure

Improve build automation for EMR Mobile and EMR API:
o Ensure Services and Application builds (via Jenkins Pipeline) are working properly
o Improve Mobile Application Builds for Android and iOS applications
o Implement support for automated submission to Android and iOS app stores
o Implement support for automated deployment of Web service builds to various internal environments

Improve Jenkins-based automated test running infrastructure:
o Ensure appropriate number of Jenkins agents are available for running automated tests
o Investigate opportunities to parallelize test runs
o Analyze and optimize UI-based automation test runs to reduce test run time
o Improve test reporting mechanisms (Slack notifications of new failures, video recordings as artifacts of failed test runs

Must Have Skills:

1. Building and modifying Jenkins pipeline-based build builds
2. Previously played role as “Build Master”
3. Experience with Android, iOS and MSbuild tool sets

Nice to Have Skills:

1. Mobile application build automation
2. Automated testing
3. Windows, MacOS and Linux system administrator

If you wish to apply, please contact me by email at


Starting: ASAP