Software Developer

Software Developer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client works to identify and solve the most complex and highest value business problems that can be addressed through data science techniques. To achieve this, they provide data science, operations research and artificial intelligence solutions and software products to a broad range of industry and technology partners.

As a software developer, you will work in a client project environment with an AI-Agile Team composed of a Product Manager, consultant, Delivery Team Lead and Data Scientist and contribute to the translation of complex AI/data science algorithms into scalable software.

You will:

•Design and implement software architecture that will allow scalability and maintainability
•Develop baseline AI models with the guidance of Data Scientist(s)
•Develop data ingestion modules that will feed the AI models
•Run or participate in running ML/OR models/experiments with the Data Scientist
•Learn the different AI/data science components/models in order for the algorithm to be properly translated in production code
•Refactor and test code
•Productize AI models in the cloud and ensure its scalability
•Participate in scrum project meetings and update stories using project management tools
•Apply CI/CD practices to prevent integration problems as well as ensure that the code is releasable at any point in time

Must Have Skills:

•Languages: C++, Java, Python, SCALA and Javascript (nice to have)
•Cloud: AWS, Azure or GCP
•Big Data: Hadoop, Spark, Hive
•Relational Database: MySql, postgresQL, Oracle, MS-SQL
•NoSql: Cassandra, Elastic search, MongoDB
•You have 3+ years experience in software development
•Experience with programming languages such as C++ and /or Java
•Experience with object oriented design patterns
•You are a strong developer, fluent in one or more of the prominent tools/platforms and able to implement end-to-end solutions
•You are proficient in Python (asset)
•You have experience with Operations Research / Machine Learning / Deep Learning (asset)
•You have experience in Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, Hive) (asset)
•Experience in cloud development (GCP, AWS, Azure, DataBricks) (asset)
•You have previous exposure to AI/data science concepts and, with the guidance of seasoned AI/data science engineers, are proficient in the translation of those concepts into production-grade, efficient code (asset)


Starting: ASAP

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