Senior Principal Engineer

Senior Principal Engineer

Toronto, Ontario  - Permanent

Job Description

We built a digital platform that enabled customers to get affordable mortgages in record time. Since 2018, we’ve expanded our offering to also help Canadians buy properties and make the most out of their existing real estate portfolios.

Our goal is to create a real estate ecosystem that saves Canadians money by lowering the transaction costs, promotes transparency by working with the right partners (Realtors, Lenders, Lawyers, etc) and empowers them to make better decisions that ultimately result in higher personal wealth.

Our product is live, we’ve grown to a team of 5, we have customers who have used (and loved!) our product and our focus in 2020 is scaling through partnerships. We are on track to being profitable before the end of 2020 and have adequate capital to fund our business for the foreseeable future.

We build minimum viable products, A/B test any part of our platform with the goal of driving higher conversions, draw insights from our fully integrated analytics hub, and iterate as required.

If you’ve ever worked at a Startup before, you’ll know that the specifics will constantly be changing. Overall, you will be responsible for:

• Leading our current team of developers, which consists of 1 full stack front-end and 2 flex resources (DevOps and front-end developer) that are all remote.
• Owning the code repository and QA process to ensure that any code pushed to production has been properly validated.
• Determining the optimal data and technical architecture required for the company on an enterprise level and on a project-specific level.
• Representing the development team in cross-functional sprint meetings and contribute to the creation of the overall product roadmap.
• Ensuring our cybersecurity standards are current and effective to protect our clients and their data from internal/external threats.
• Working alongside the CEO in scoping out partnership opportunities as it relates to the integration work required and creation/maintenance of the Mortgauge-side API capabilities. These will be with small, medium and large companies and all will vary in complexity.

Being part of a small team, you’ll see the direct impact of everything you do as it relates to our success and growth. We’re all about pushing forward new ideas and constantly improving our product, so we tend to be more task-oriented than meeting-oriented kind of people!

Who Are We Looking For?

• You live for solving complex problems and can properly balance the need for scalability, the customer experience and a reasonable turnaround time to arrive at the best solution.
• You don’t build anything without thinking at least 2 steps ahead. This means finding a solution that meets our current needs but then also accounts for other work under way that enables us to scale without incurring ungodly amounts of technical debt.
• You have experience taking a product from an idea all the way to the customer launch. That experience gives you the ability to reasonably plan for how long things should take, manage expectations with other stakeholders and deliver on your commitments.
• We operate at a fast pace and you are comfortable juggling multiple projects simultaneously without compromising on quality.
• You embrace change if it makes sense and look for the best solution to a problem, not just the one you’re most familiar with.
• You’re a team player that will constructively challenge opinions you disagree with and are okay being challenged yourself.
• You get excited by the idea of controlling the entire data/technical architecture of a company, while simultaneously understanding the significant level of responsibility this entails.
• You can work independently in situations that have a high degree of ambiguity, making judgement calls to the best of your ability to keep a project moving forward.

Special Perks:

Early Stock Options and 100% Remote Work Culture

Must Have Skills:

Must Have Experience:

• Advanced proficiency with JavaScript (ideally Node.js)
• Proficiency with Angular
• Proficiency with AWS
• Experience with REST (or similar) integration/API projects
• Ability to work in cross-functional teams. Specifically, our sprint team consists of Product, Growth, Design and Development (you) members.
• Willingness to learn new tools and adapt your tech stack as required
• 6+ years of relevant experience

Nice to Have Skills:

Nice to Have:

• Knowledge of the home buying and mortgage process
• Proficiency with Microsoft SQL Server
• Ability to act as lead to a team of 2-3 engineers with the potential for more hires in the near future


Starting: ASAP
Dress Code: Casual