Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

Toronto,†Ontario †-†Permanent

Job Description

The Senior Data Scientist translates undefined business questions into data science problems and works to solve and productionalize solutions for internal and external stakeholders, as well as building and maintaining healthy stakeholder relationships.

Key Responsibilities:

● Data
○ Identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes
○ Undertake preprocessing of structured and unstructured data
○ Analyze large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns
○ Select methods, techniques, evaluation criteria and network with key contacts outside the data organization to obtain results.
○ Take clear ownership of initiatives throughout the entire data science life cycle.

● Models
○ Write concise, modularized code that handles data cleaning, data aggregation, data exploration and statistical or machine learning modeling.
○ Build predictive models and machine-learning algorithms
○ Combine models through ensemble modeling
○ Be an active participant in the implementation, deployment and maintenance process of data science models.

● Business
○ Propose solutions and strategies to business challenges
○ Collaborate with engineering and product development teams
○ Propose methodologies, collect requirements, define scopes and procedures on new assignments and coordinate activities for members of the working team.
○ Consult on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of various factors and multiple business stakeholders.

● Data Storytelling
○ Produce presentations using Data visualization including those for public settings.
○ Drive meetings inside and outside of the company.
○ Write documentation that is clear and easily accessible within the squad and/or other teams.

● Tech Evaluation - Provide technical leadership by researching and introducing new technologies, giving technical direction to other seniors and data scientists.

Core Competencies:
● Action-Oriented - Maintains a sense of urgency to complete a task and seeks information rather than waiting for it.
● Problem-Solve - Assesses situations quickly and provides effective and creative solutions for resolution.
● Innovative - Contributes to the creation and promotion of an environment where creative thinking is embraced and encouraged.
● Collaboration - Actively works with multiple individuals to complete a task or achieve a goal.
● Data Gathering & Resource Planning - Ability to define problems, identify data sources and develop a data collection plan.
● Open-minded - Willing to consider new ideas and/or new tools.
● Resilience/Resourceful - Possesses the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.
● Operations/Process-Minded - Focuses on the tasks that are completed day-to-day to ensure strategic goals are able to be achieved in the most efficient and scalable way possible.
● Uphold Company Values - Acts in a way that is tied to company values to ensure focus on goals and objectives.
● Positive Outlook - Generates excitement, enthusiasm and commitment by identifying how work performed supports the Companyís values.
● Empathy - Shows care and concern for another's situation.
● Intellectual Drive - Always eager to learn something new and share with their team or colleagues.
● Technical Capability - Ability to identify how systems and technology can improve ways of working.
● Influence Without Authority - Able to get others to willingly cooperate and engage, rather than following directives because you're in a position of authority.
● Strong Math skills (e.g. statistics, algebra)

Must Have Skills:

● Minimum of 5 years of related experience with a Bachelorís degree; or 3 years and a Masterís degree; or a PhD with 2 years experience; or equivalent experience.
● Strong SQL skills
● Hands on experience with multiple data platforms and tools (eg. S3, Redshift, Airflow)
● Proficiency with data science analysis and modeling packages in Python and/or R (including Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, Matplotlib/Seaborn/some other visualization tool)
● Project experience using distributed data analytics technologies (eg. Spark, Presto, Hive)
● Strong ability to communicate on both business and technical subjects.

● Python stack (Pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, seaborn, Jupyter, PyCharm)
● Git
● Airflow
● Bash
● AWS data tools (Redshift, S3, EMR)
● Confluence/Jira
● Google suites
● TensorFlow, Keras


Starting: ASAP