Software Engineer (Javascript)

Software Engineer (Javascript)

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent
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Job Description

Our Client is looking for a Software Engineer to work across their React & Python tech stack to develop an eCommerce marketplace accessed by millions of people worldwide. This Software Engineer will be working directly with the CTO, Director of Engineering as well as other senior developers to help define new capabilities, expand our domain models, architecture, and improve their tooling.

As they develop the next generation of eCommerce marketplaces, you'll have a hand in defining their headless microservice approach (React frontend, Django backend, GraphQL APIs) that will power their seller portals, consumer buyer APIs, and data structures & pipelines to feed our data science team to allow for scale. A successful candidate will be hands-on and motivated to work from DDD to implementation, documentation, tooling, and test automation.

What you'll do
- Architecture & Feature Development: Domain Modelling and documenting their forward looking architecture while developing features
- CI/CD Tooling: Help with refining tooling in relation to continuous integration, deployment, dev machine setup, to ensure high productivity amongst the development team
- Test Automation: Lead the charge of high-quality software internally by fine-tuning our test automation systems and TDD approach
- Mentorship: Distill information and teach developers around you to ramp them up on becoming productive in the React or Python & Django ecosystem. Build documentation to set as the basis of onboarding a growing development team.

Must Have Skills:

- Comfortable working on React / Vue / Svelte/ Angular codebases
- Comfortable building APIs within Python / Django (or similar - RoR, Node/Express, Java Spring, etc)
- Deep understanding of Domain & Architectural Modelling
- Demonstrated experience defining & building out microservices and working with event-driven architectures
- Experience designing APIs (preferably some understanding of GraphQL)
- Understanding of relational databases like PostgresSQL or MySQL
- Understanding of infrastructure automation tools like Terraform & Ansible and working within the AWS ecosystem

Special Perks:

- Amazing opportunity for growth
- Equity in a rapidly growing startup with huge upside
- Work with some of the most talented technologists in the industry
- Great Work/Life Balance
- Opportunity to work 100% remote (beyond current measures due to COVID)


Starting: ASAP

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