Senior Backend Developer

Senior Backend Developer

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Job Description

Our client incubates and funds companies. Unconstrained by industry, they originate the ideas, hire the early teams, fund, launch, and grow each company, and maintain an integral leadership role from beginning through exit.

They have collectively raised more than $2B in venture capital and employ thousands of people. On the investment side, they are one of the most active early stage funds.

They are looking for backend developers who are comfortable on data-intensive systems (big data, ETL) and have a deep understanding of cloud architectures.

Must Have Skills:

Have 4+ years of experience writing and shipping web code professionally -- Node.js, Python, Ruby and/or Golang are ideal, but we also have some Elixir, so functional programming enthusiasts are welcome!
Write clean, legible, and testable code;
Are comfortable spinning up, managing, monitoring, and reasoning about (phew!) infrastructure on AWS or GCP;
Know your way around database systems, whether SQL, NoSQL, and can talk about how to pick one over the other;
You have worked on data-intensive systems, ingesting and transforming data at high volume, e.g. with Spark, Flink, Kafka, etc.;
Are able to articulate tradeoffs in technology choices and relate them to business needs;
Have excellent communication skills and can explain complex technical problems in an accessible and compassionate way;
Care a whole lot about building good user experiences;
Have a proven track record of mentorship (if you’re a more senior developer).

Nice to Have Skills:

Experience working on early-stage startups and ability to talk to us about growing pains resulting from early technical decisions;
Polyglots! Professional experience in multiple programming languages/stacks is great. We are not purists in any technology, but making informed and sustainable choices is key;
Experience with data science and/or machine learning;
An interest in privacy and/or healthcare.


Starting: ASAP

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