Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Toronto,†Ontario †-†Permanent

Job Description

We are looking for an Engineering Manager, to help us build and ultimately lead one of our engineering teams. Your primary focus will be to manage the daily activities and priorities of the team. Keeping the focus on long- and short-term goals, while ensuring that the team keeps operating smoothly and cooperating closely with other teams. There is plenty of work and challenges as we keep growing and entering new markets.

Prioritize and manage teamsí goals and daily work, keeping them aligned with Company goals.
Drive the short-term planning and execution of sprints and long-term roadmaps
Work closely with the Product Owner to ensure the business goals are met in a timely fashion and communicate with stakeholders when they are at risk
Keep the team members motivated, ensure their professional growth and well-being
Create clarity and align the team behind (a) common goal(s)
Cooperate closely with other engineering teams and Operations

Must Have Skills:

3+ years of experience working in software engineering
Excellent people skills and interest in leadership
Passion for technology
Previous experience in a leadership role
The ability to analyze situations and make informed decisions; able to understand problems, think critically, and devise solutions
The ability to work effectively with the people around; able to negotiate with others, and to recognize and appreciate diversity in the team
Strong knowledge and experience in software development life cycle and agile methodologies
Ability to work independently
Ability to multiply your effectiveness by guiding and influencing your engineers to maximize their productivity and impact
You are an owner and are invested in the success of the product and the team
Strong communication skills; a communication style that resonates with and inspires listeners, and effective use of Agile/project management terminology to foster a common understanding of these concepts
Experience using metrics/OKRs to measure the impact of organizational change initiatives.
A devotion to continuous self-improvement; a voracious appetite for learning new things, and a strong presence in the greater Agile community


Starting: ASAP

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