CloudOps Engineer (Network Engineer)

CloudOps Engineer (Network Engineer)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada -Permanent

Job Description

The client is looking for a full-time CloudOps Engineer (Network Engineer) in Toronto.

CloudOps Engineers (Network Engineers) will design, deploy, build and manage built on internal private cloud infrastructure and create all the tooling and automation needed to enable our teams and give our customers a top-drawer experience. Additionally, you will work closely with internal stakeholders to find and implement solutions to business challenges. The most important aspect of this team is that we're never satisfied with the status quo, we continually learn, adapt and extend. We are an agile shop, so we expect you to Get Sh!t Done by experimenting, failing, learning, and most importantly, pushing forward. 

We are a highly collaborative place to work, we support, thank and congratulate each other.
The primary responsibility of the CloudOps Engineer (Network Engineer) is to make sure our private cloud infrastructure and support services are available, secure, and performant. Skills we rely on to accomplish this include:

Must Have Skills:

- Understanding of basic networking concepts and protocols including BGP, OSPF, and Cisco IOS;
- Experience managing highly converged infrastructure and SDN network technologies such as Leaf & Spine, Cisco ACI, eVPN and VMware NSX
- Experience configuring and troubleshooting VMware ESXi and related tools
- Solid scripting skills using bash, python, Go, PowerShell, and other languages
- Experience using Active Directory, WSUS, LDAP
- Experience and drive to define reproducible infrastructure as code, using tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible, Puppet, and SaltStack;
- Understanding of tools and principles to implement monitoring, change control and incident response;
- Attention to security and reliability, desire to work with others and maintain clear and useful documentation and runbooks This job might be for you if you:
Have supported a mission-critical production environment as part of a team providing 24x7x365 support
- Have at least a few years' experience in an operational role, whether that be DevOps, SRE or traditional network/server management.
- Are comfortable communicating with people at all levels of the company who are spread all over the world.
- Have a passion for learning about technology and solving problems creatively and collaboratively
- Can write code in any language: python, ruby, java, shell scripting, whatever (ideally in multiple languages)

You're practically a shoe in if you:

- Are proactive to identify and resolve development and customer problems.
- Have achieved mastery of Linux server operating environments.
- Have worked on a multi-site, hybrid production environment spanning across VMware infrastucture, public cloud such as AWS / GCP, and containerized workloads.
- Believe in collaboration and building solutions that are adaptable and reproduceable


Starting: ASAP

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