Recruitment Consultant - RPO

Recruitment Consultant - RPO

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Job Description

At GuruLink, we're a team of 40+ recruitment specialists operating in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and San Francisco. Our team is diversified, not just in terms of talents and skills, but also in backgrounds and geographies. We've got folks working out of each of the cities mentioned above but also Mexico, Costa Rica, Florida, Niagara Falls, Philippines, and other locations as well (depending on where people choose to be at any given time). We've always believed in and supported WFA (work from anywhere). You know, before it was cool...or pandemic-induced. 😬

As a company, we’ve been around for almost 20 years and have become a dynamic group that is passionate about the tech industry and matchmaking top talent with our substantial (and ever-growing) list of diverse clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to deeply integrate ourselves into our client environments while delivering proven results for them, and we play hard to celebrate our success!

Since the beginning of 2021, we've been gaining momentum not only with our contingency business, but even more serious momentum within our RPO arm. We're now looking for our next Senior Technical Recruiter to join us as we expand our RPO operations. Not only will you grow with our team, you'll also help our clients grow theirs from the inside.

While RPO is nothing new in our industry, we've put some pretty unique spins on RPO engagements that are not only lucrative for our clients, but for you as well. We're ushering in a new era of internal recruitment and actively working on changing the way our industry operates. With that in mind, allow us to pitch you on why we think you'll love working at GuruLink.

For starters, you'd get to work with some of the most exciting and well-known companies in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and San Francisco. Remember that automation tool (hint: rhymes with "happier") you used to make your life easier? We work with that company. Or how about the company that's enabling thousands of entrepreneurs to start and run their online teaching businesses? Yup, we work with 'em too! You might even know of the company that's been at the forefront of Blockchain and NFT technologies before they became a huge thing... That's right, we probably placed some of the best engineers there too! But wait, there's more...

Here's what we're bringing to the table for you:

🌎 You get the best of both worlds. Working at GuruLink gives you the opportunity to switch between our RPO and Contingency arms seamlessly. You get to explore your interests and can choose to work on clients that align with your curiosities. You'll never get bored because diversity and flexibility are big components of working in an RPO setting. With each new client you're deployed on, you get the opportunity to work in a different vertical within the thriving tech industry.

⚖️ Stability. Both financially and with work/life balance. If you're used to having set hours during your week (read: 40 hours a week), then RPO with our clients may just be the right fit for you! Work/life balance becomes a breeze in this scenario because you're working the same core hours as the RPO client you're embedded in. Not to mention - with a state of the art compensation model, things become even more lucrative not just on the RPO side, but also when Contingency starts to blend in.

🤝 Extended relationships. Over the years, we've been able to extend our Contingency clients into RPO engagements due to the trust we've fostered with them. Not to mention, a ton of our new RPO clients have come in through referrals due to our continued success with our current ones. When working with our RPO clients, you get the opportunity to lean into those well built relationships by being a trusted partner to both the clients and the candidates.

🦉 A bird's eye view. Ever wondered what the inner workings of a company are when it comes to the hiring process? Through working with us on RPO engagements, you can now see all the small moving pieces and big decisions that go into building a company.

🔬 Gain depth. Both on a company and industry level. Want to become an expert in the e-commerce realm or help a company at the forefront of blockchain technologies build out the next big cryptocurrency? We'll set you up to do both (and several others)!

🔄 CI/CD - Continuous Improvement/Continuous Development. If you've worked on technical roles before, you already know what CI/CD is. At GuruLink however, we put a different spin on how we define what CI/CD means to us. After working on even one RPO engagement, you learn new tools, skills, processes, and different ways to operate to effectively turn best practices into efficient methods for your next RPO engagement. Learning and development is a big part of our culture.

🌟 The power of employer brand. And teams that support you. Working with our RPO clients gives you the powerful backing of the client you're representing. Many of our clients are some of the world's leading startups in terms of bleeding-edge technologies, funding, and immersive team cultures. You get to learn a lot about their history, processes, customers, products, and much more. You can now work internally at the employer, but in an agency setting here at GuruLink! Regardless of where you're deployed, you're still a part of the family!

🧙 More meaningful stories. Several years down the line, you'll be able to look back and proudly say, "I was a part of building all-star teams at those companies". It's a badge of honor that you carry with you into work every day and take pride in knowing that you're helping multiple companies grow their teams. Most of us at GuruLink are proud to say that we've contributed directly to the growth of these companies and can visually see the lasting and positive impact we have on them through the lens of hiring. They build great software for us, we build great teams for them.

Here's what you're bringing to the table:

🦑 You're a polymath. On most days, you'll be focusing on sourcing and speaking with candidates, while on some days you'll be coordinating interviews with hiring managers, and on other days you'll be meeting executives and other team members strategizing the scope and internal state of affairs when it comes to their hiring. Being a master at handling multiple goals and tasks at once, whilst being flexible but able to meet hiring mandates is a skill of yours that others admire and feel energized by.

🎛️ Be the change agent. A lot of our clients in the technology space need our help right now. With the mass influx of hiring going on in this space, you'll be their go-to person for strategy and hands-on expertise around hiring. You’re an experienced recruitment leader and independent thinker guiding and unblocking clients when it comes to one of their most important growth functions.

🍄 Being adaptive and proactive. In an RPO engagement, you're adapting the client's voice while becoming deeply familiar with their mission and being hands-on to make sure their hiring plans are on track. You’re someone who is proactively spending time mastering their tools, skills, and processes in a local setting that you'll be able to cross-pollinate and bring into other new RPO engagements in a global setting. On some days, you're even teaching clients new best practices around hiring.

🧭 Strategy component. You'll be strategizing with clients and consulting them on what the North Star looks like when it comes to hiring. You’re naturally creative and good at crafting and collaborating on hiring strategy with the right foresight. Not being afraid of removing blockers, finding solutions, and making decisions to execute them will really make you shine in the eyes of our clients. For example, some people might look great on paper but if they don't fit the company culture, your keen eye in weeding that out (amongst other things) and course-correcting will be super useful in this setting.

🧩 Raising the bar at a micro and macro level. Our clients don't just want an average recruiter in their ranks. They're looking for someone to come in and raise the bar for hiring at their company, and so are we. You're someone who is capable of working at both a macro level - building relationships and overseeing how things are working across various roles, and at a micro level - by getting into the weeds of hiring and handling the day to day work as an internal recruiter at the company who gets shit done. This is a high-impact recruitment role that requires you to have confidence in the choices you make.

Perks that come working with us:

🏡 Cottage trip. Once a year, we do an awesome cottage trip for the entire team. Think boat riding, swimming in the lake, tons of music and barbecue, bonfires, water balloon fights, sports (tennis, volleyball, basketball, golfing), and a solid tan.

✈️ President's Club getaway. When working on RPO and Contingency engagements with us, you're bound to hit your targets for the year sooner than you expect. When that happens, you join us on an all-expenses trip abroad. So far, we've done Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Arizona, and we vote every year where to go next (side-note: we can't wait for COVID travel restrictions to be lifted)!

🏝️ Summer island trips. During the summer, the team will often pack their laptops and take the ferry over to Toronto Island to work from for the day, with music, barbecue, and drinks.

💰 We compensate well. Like, really well. Normally, we think it's a terrible idea to talk about compensation in a job description. But, after having surveyed the recruitment industry heavily across markets and hearing it from our current (and former) specialists, we actually have **the** best compensation package for recruiters that blends RPO and Contingency models. We've made it fun and competitive (using an internal leaderboard) for you to hit your own personal targets, and even have bonuses in place for hitting monthly/quarterly company targets. Your goals are our goals.

💻 Remote friendly. Even prior to the pandemic, we were remote-friendly. In this day and age, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to do this. So why not take advantage of that? As of this writing, one of our colleagues is working from South America, another from Cuba, one at a cottage in Muskoka, and two of them are in Alberta for early spring.

🌆 Prime location in downtown Toronto. We're located a stone's throw away from Queen and Dufferin, with lots of bars and restaurants around us. You're more than welcome to pop into the office and work from there. Our office has standing desks, beautiful monitors, quiet booths for calls and deep work, a Sonos sound system, a pool table (that turns into a pingpong table), a large patio with barbecues, and our walls are decked out by one of the most prestigious mural artists in Toronto.


Starting: ASAP

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