Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Toronto, Ontario  - Permanent

Job Description

Company Overview:

We are a family and a healthcare technology start-up based in Toronto. We are a robust tele-health enabled practice management solution designed for outpatient clinics.

We provide value to healthcare practitioners by reducing inefficiencies through the elimination of manual processes, enabling patient engagement, optimizing data access, and integrating with other mission-critical healthcare platforms. Our product has a suite of tools, including telemedicine, online booking, and messaging, that simplify the management of their clinics while also making healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients.

Position Overview:

We are looking to hire an Engineering Manager who will supervise and lead a growing team of developers, help solve technical issues and assist in managing the full lifecycle of the Company’s projects. Our team is building amazing technology to solve some of the biggest problems in the healthcare industry, problems that impact us all. If you are excited to be a part of a winning team and solve problems with software that impacts millions of lives, join us in our mission to make the world a better place.

Key Responsibility

• Work with engineers and other leaders to understand how data infrastructure can enable engineers across our company teams to build secure, reliable, and scalable products.
• Support the engineering team in achieving a high level of technical quality, reliability, and developer satisfaction.
• Manage processes to help the team do its best work and engage effectively with the rest of the company
• Recruit great engineers in collaboration with our recruiting team.
• Mentor and coach engineers, helping them advance in their careers.
• Contribute to engineering-wide initiatives as a member of our engineering team.
• Assign tasks to engineers.
• Collaborate with Platform Architects, Tech Leads, and Product Managers on solutions.
• Gauge progress of various engineering initiatives.
• Communicate effectively with customers.
• Collaborate with the product and architecture teams to create new products.
• Create reports to give updates on projects.
• Attend trade shows and conferences.
• Train new employees

Must Have Skills:


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, Applied Sciences, Engineering or relevant field.
• 2+ years’ experience in managing teams that have shipped and operated critical data infrastructure, involving distributed systems with a heavy dependence on read-write workloads.
• Strong hands-on experience building APIs on Ruby-on-Rails.
• Strong hands-on knowledge of various API specifications.
• Deep knowledge of Postgres and search with tsvector.
• Have utilized raw SQL when necessary for query optimization.
• Extensive experience of SideKiq, Redis, and Websockets
• Strong hands-on experience building component-oriented Front-End Javascript Applications.
• Genuine enjoyment of learning and diving into the nuts-and-bolts of how things work, with the ability to question and direct architectural decisions.
• Ability to work very well cross-functionally, and the ability to think rigorously and make hard decisions and tradeoffs.
• A strong quantitative and analytical background.
• Ability to thrive on a high level of autonomy and responsibility.
• Desire to encourage a healthy, inclusive work environment that is both supportive and challenging.
• Successfully recruited and built great teams.
• Experience in growing teams of 25+ engineers
• Ability to create a set of qualifications for a new product.
• Interpersonal skills to manage a team of engineers.
• Ability to give constructive criticism.
• Ability to make decisions quickly.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills in English,


Starting: ASAP
Dress Code: Casual

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