Senior Engineering Manager

Senior Engineering Manager

Toronto, Ontario  - Permanent

Job Description

We’re looking for a Senior Engineering Manager to join and grow our division through hiring, building, and leading multiple cross-functional engineering teams.
You will coach and mentor several Engineering Managers, providing them with guidance and support. You will be responsible for the effective product delivery of your business unit.

What you’ll do

Play a leading role in recruiting, building, and growing teams
Growing the team of Engineering Managers and staff-level engineers through coaching and performance management
Provide visibility into the health of the group unit through definition and measurement of KPIs and regularly communicating essential information related to product development
Setting objectives for the unit based on business objectives (OKRs) as well as overseeing their successful delivery
Forging strong working relationships with Product, Platform, and Operations departments
Take proactive steps to enhance customer satisfaction through validation of feedback and championing product improvements
Create a fulfilling work environment in which the teams thrive by removing obstacles, taking proactive steps to improve daily work, and cultivating a culture of psychological safety

Must Have Skills:

10+ years of experience in software development
5+ years of experience building sportsbooks
Passion for sports – ideally, you are a bettor yourself
Experience building and leading high performing engineering teams
Strong knowledge and experience in software development life cycle and agile methodologies
Ability to multiply your effectiveness by guiding and influencing your teams to maximize their productivity and impact

Strong communication skills; a communication style that resonates with and inspires listeners, and effective use of Agile/project management terminology to foster a common understanding of these concepts
Experience using metrics/OKRs to measure the impact of organizational change initiatives
A devotion to continuous self-improvement; a voracious appetite for learning new things, and a strong presence in the greater Agile community


Starting: ASAP

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