Compiler Engineer

Compiler Engineer

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Job Description

Compiler Engineer

Our client is the world's first blockchain entertainment company. They are on track to be the fastest-growing marketplace in history with over $200 million in sales in the past 30 days alone.

They are building their own smart contract programming language as a part of their blockchain platform. This is a "resource-oriented programming”, a new programming model that pairs linear types with object capabilities to create a secure and declarative model for digital ownership.

The compiler engineer will help shape the future of the language and will be involved with all aspects of it. Taking language features from conception to implementation. You will be responsible for understanding the interaction between the language implementation, the on-chain execution environment, and the core protocol, helping with a variety of tools to facilitate development in this exciting new programming language.

Must Have Skills:

You have practical experience with the design and implementation of compilers including parsing, semantic analysis, type checking, optimization, and code generation.
You have a diverse exposure to different programming languages and programming paradigms.
You are capable of applying your skills across a variety of use cases; inflexible specialists need not apply.
You understand the power of planning, but you are comfortable improvising and can prioritize the most impactful tasks on the fly.
You are adamant about test coverage.
You have experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Go, Rust, C/C++, Swift, Python.

Nice to Have Skills:

Experience with blockchain technologies.
Familiar with at least one of the functional programming languages: Haskell, OCaml, Clojure, Lisp, etc.
Experience with smart contract languages, e.g. Solidity.
Experience working on open-source software projects.

Special Perks:

- Flexible vacation & work policy
- Diverse opportunities for learning and development (conferences, resources, books)
- Fitness Reimbursements
- Dog friendly office, onsite gym, RMT etc!
- Extremely competitive compensation package including options, tokens etc!


Starting: ASAP

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