DevOPs Engineer

DevOPs Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our FinTech client brings email intelligence to the capital markets. Purpose-built workflows and real-time analytics help the sell-side more effectively cover more clients. We’re intelligently evolving email to be more valuable and more effective for the entire capital markets industry

The impact of a DevOps Engineer here is felt by our customers and internal teams alike. Their DevOps Team is responsible for SRE, cloud infrastructure, continuous delivery, information security and they collaborate closely with the broader Engineering Team on architectural design, development process, production support and information security. You will be expected to build a deep understanding of the ways we can continuously improve our product delivery velocity and developer experience, in balance with our customer’s expectations of their product’s reliability, stability and performance.

Their current agile sprints are 2 weeks and the Engineering Team subscribes to a service ownership model in which developers remain responsible for their changes in production and share in an on-call rotation. Their DevOps Team collaborates closely with diverse stakeholders including Information Security, Technical Support, Product and Engineering. At present scale, you can expect to rotate between interrupt-driven work like incident response and developer support; and deep work like driving increased adoption of Consul for service discovery and secure communications between microservices, or Vault to drive role-based database access. They currently use a lightweight CircleCI deployment, and you can expect to implement more sophisticated tooling as we move away from the application server.

Engineering is well represented in the core founding team, which means that they work with the best tools for the job, and currently use:

- Terraform as our “infrastructure as code” tool to manage our AWS infrastructure.
- Consul for environment variables for our microservices as well as some service discovery. We would like to use service discovery more heavily along with Consul Connect.
- ECS as our Docker orchestrator.
- CircleCI as our CI/CD tool.
- Ansible (along with Packer) for creating AMIs and Molecule to test our ansible roles/playbooks.
- Datadog/LogDNA/Pagerduty for monitoring, logging, and alerting.

The broader system is built using React, NodeJS, Java, Scala, Python, WildFly, PostgreSQL, Redis. Their system is composed of a retreating monolith surrounded by a growing collection of polyrepo microservices. They’re less fussed about how long you’ve been working with these particular technologies and more interested in your knowledge and perspective about them. If tech is more of a passion than a pastime, we are confident you’ll quickly learn what you don’t know about their stack.

- Maintaining cloud infrastructure
- Maintaining, improving, or outright replacing CI/CD pipelines using better tooling
- On-call, incident response, and incident management
- Monitoring, including designing and improving our tooling
- Developer support

Must Have Skills:

- You have experience deploying and maintaining medium to large-sized cloud deployments
- You have experience working with the “Hashistack” (Terraform, Consul, Packer) and Ansible in production environments
- You have experience programming with a DevOps-friendly language (Python, Go, Scala, Ruby, or C) to help with tooling and automation
- You have experience with modern security practices and technologies, with an emphasis on IAM concepts pertaining to cloud security
- You have a distaste for repetition and a keen interest in automation
- You have experience with critical system outages and stay cool and composed under pressure

Nice to Have Skills:

- You have experience with Email/SMTP and REST APIs
- You have experience with SQL
- You have experience developing software with Java/Scala


Starting: ASAP

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