Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent
This job allows you to work remotely 

Job Description

Our client are looking for a senior software engineer capable of dabbling in both backend and data infrastructure, with a passion for innovation. The ideal candidate will be dedicated to ensuring quality, consistency, maintainability, performance, security and privacy, and all the other things that make software great. This position requires collaboration with other engineers on the team, as well as data scientists and the product manager, necessitating a comfort-level with ambiguity and a desire to create, iterate and improve. This is an opportunity to come in early, have an owner-level impact and shape the future of the company.

Must Have Skills:

● Bachelor's degree (or higher) in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
● 5+ years of relevant experience
● A strong understanding of software engineering and computer science fundamentals.
● Experience with data modeling working with relational databases (preferably with PostgeSQL) and with ORM tools (preferably with SQLAlchemy).
● Experience designing and implementing REST APIs with OpenAPI Specification/Swagger and OpenAPI code generator.
● Extensive knowledge of software and system design patterns(preferably with microservice architecture)
● Ability to plan and scope large projects, research possible solutions and technologies and lead system design activities.
● Mastery of at least two activities beyond coding, such as: automation, reliability monitoring and alerting, security and privacy practices, production hygiene and support duties.
● Very good knowledge of at least one popular cloud service provider (Azure, AWS or GCP)

Ops Skills:

● Docker/Kubernetes
● Web Firewall, Networking
● PostgeSQL
● Blob Storage, Batch Processing
● Setting up CI/CD pipelines (preferably with Azure DevOps)


Starting: ASAP
Travel: 0%
Dress Code: Casual

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