Sr. Software Engineer (Data)

Sr. Software Engineer (Data)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada †-†Permanent

Job Description

The role that this posting is for will primarily deal with our data-related infrastructure. We believe strongly in self-serve tooling for our domain-centric feature teams. Developers should never have to wait on another team to provision their servers, databases, or dataflow jobs. They should be able to create a pull request or run a command somewhere to create what they need for their feature. We have done this already for our microservices and now we aim to do the same for our data streams, lakes, and marts. That is where you come in.

Must Have Skills:

Creating data-related standards and ensure adherence to them.
Creating a proof of concepts on Google Cloud Platform to drive our new technology adoptions.
Creating tooling for self-service data infrastructure.
Supporting our data science team with running their models in production.
Supporting feature teams and ensure that our tooling meets their needs.

The ideal candidate would have cross-functional experience in cloud infrastructure, event-driven microservices, and modern big data practices. I have always believed that a smart developer can learn anything so please donít be discouraged if youíre missing one of the three.

Proficient with Python in a data-centric context.
Experience with Cloud computing such as AWS or GCP.
Understanding data warehousing and traditional ETL tools.
Exposure to Google Data Flow.
Familiar with Apache Beam.
Experience with data lakes and data marts.
Experience with data infrastructure automation.
B.Sc. or Masters (preferred) in Computer Science or related field.
5+ years of relevant experience.
Prior experience with microservices architecture.
Experience with messaging systems, preferably Pub/Sub.
Experience with MySQL, Postgres, and other data stores.
Advanced knowledge of data structures and security practices.
Excellent problem-solving abilities.


Starting: ASAP

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