Product Analyst

Product Analyst

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is on a mission to build human-like intelligence in machines.

Since 2014, they've been paving the way for a world filled with more powerful and helpful AI systems. They bring together reinforcement learning, machine learning, and remote human guidance to create intelligent robots that solve real-world problems alongside humans in complex, changing environments like today's supply chain.

The role of Product Analyst is to create, maintain and analyze product dashboards using the data created by tests and usability studies within Technology, supporting Product Managers and Engineers to make data driven decisions to continue to innovate and improve the Robotic technology.

The Robotics team will act as a ‘center of excellence’ driving forward Robotic capabilities, spanning multiple use cases across different industries.

What You'll Do:

Value - Identify the fundamental metrics / KPIs behind research and development, the levers that drive them and use these to help product managers unlock and track the value delivered by our products.
Architecture - Understand where data resides, who owns it and how it is used and identify opportunities for improvement.
Tooling - Identify and build reusable solutions to enable analysis to build on previous work.
Problem solving - Use your skills and experience to find platform problems and opportunities, help to size them and understand the route cause and drivers to guide the product roadmap.
Data democratization - Empower teams with the right tools, reports and guidance to leverage insight to make better informed decisions.
Craft - Share best practice analytics techniques across Ocado Technology.

Must Have Skills:

- Significant demonstrable experience in a Data / Business Analyst role.
- Analytics 101 - Designing KPIs and Metrics that Matter.
- Applying data analysis techniques and mathematical methods on large datasets using SQL and Python.
- Leveraging understanding of data-warehousing principles and best practices (e.g. Dimensional Modelling, Cube Design) to construct efficient solutions to problems.
- Building self-service BI solutions e.g. Tableau, Looker, DataStudio.
- Conducting statistical analysis to identify complex relationships between multiple variables.
- Communication - Active listener.
- Ability to simplify the complex and tailor output for any audience.
- Collaboration - Able to bring different skills and personalities together to deliver great outcomes.

Nice to Have Skills:

- Advanced Analytics: Machine learning and simulation .
- Domain knowledge: Ecommerce, Supply Chain, Fulfilment or Logistics.
- Experience of A/B testing implementation.
- Experience with BigQuery.


Starting: ASAP

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