Product Manager

Product Manager

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is on a mission to build human-like intelligence in machines.

Since 2014, they've been paving the way for a world filled with more powerful and helpful AI systems. They bring together reinforcement learning, machine learning, and remote human guidance to create intelligent robots that solve real-world problems alongside humans in complex, changing environments like today's supply chain.

To partner with Engineering teams within here, providing clarity of business requirements across the company as and acting as a bridge between the technical and business worlds. Be a key go-to person within a specific product area, sharing responsibility for product realization to deliver great products and solutions for clients and stakeholders.

As a Product Manager you will work in close coordination with a product Technical Lead and the engineering team through rapid iteration and continuous improvement to create the most intelligent robotic systems for customers. You’ll articulate a clear product vision for internal and external stake holders that is developed cross-functionally with engineering, research, and customer input. You will help with planning products in an area of high uncertainty and always represent the voice of the customer. It is expected that you’ll collaborate with your team, other product managers to deliver the best solutions possible.

What You'll Do - Planning, Delivery & Validation:

- Shares accountability with the Engineering Product Lead to drive the team towards realizing defined goals;
- Works with Engineering to track progress against current commitments and forecast future delivery;
- Applies fit-for-purpose agile processes, escalating and removing obstacles in workflow wherever required;
- Uses various prioritization techniques and maintains a list of work to be done and its order of priority for delivery purposes at an appropriate level of granularity;
- Manages expectations within Technology for the rate of delivery required to achieve our platform goals;
- Collaborates with other product people to effectively schedule work between teams to minimize lead time of delivering value;
- Proactively identifies risks and challenges within their product area and takes appropriate actions to mitigate them;

***What You'll Do - Leading & Influencing:
- Acts as the go-to person for particular product areas covered by the development team;
- Partners with Engineering Team Lead(s) to create a strong sense of purpose and mission for the development team;
- Establishes product alignment within Technology being the voice of the vision/strategy/priorities within the division;
- Makes effective decisions with clear rationale, using appropriate tools for the scenario;

What You'll Do - Problem Solving:

- Leverages multiple sources of information to analyze user, system, and customer behavior to diagnose and form clear recommendations;
- Embeds best practices in tracking, analysis, and data-driven problem solving;
- Drives through issues and ambiguity with a structured approach and facilitative approach;
- Uses qualitative and quantitative methods to understand customer/business needs and opportunities, collaborating with Product Analysts where appropriate;
- Experiments quickly to validate hypotheses and find fit for purpose solutions;

What You'll Do - Stakeholders & Collaboration:

- Communicates effectively with a variety of stakeholders and small groups, discerning appropriate detail and cadence;
- Articulates complex concepts in a way that end-users can follow and understand;
- Applies strong emotional intelligence when working with other teams and departments to manage interdependencies between platforms and products effectively;
- Facilitates and works closely with teams in estimation and review sessions, challenging appropriately to meet product goals and achieve product vision;
- Builds strong relationships with team and stakeholders - establishing methods for obtaining product feedback;
- Forms close working relationships with peers and key stakeholders, creating an environment of open collaboration;

What You'll Do - Product Knowledge:

- Champions the product vision & ensures the plan is in line with vision and goals and continues to be fit for purpose throughout roadmap delivery;
- Understands how their product fits in with the broader platform;
- Provides product expertise based on a sound understanding of the platform and capability requirements, signposting to technical knowledge where needed;
- Engages stakeholders effectively to gather user feedback to continuously refine the product roadmap;
- Defines scope & prioritizes stories to maximize business value;
- Understands and measures the key business drivers for their product domain and assess how new capabilities impact upon them;

What You'll Do - Insight & Innovation:

- Actively seeks out opportunities for incremental value in achieving product goal commitments.
- Works with other PMs to continuously improve realization processes and policies that govern it.
- Monitors progress, looking for ways to improve the product & make adjustments based on strategic goals.
- Contributes to documentation that is shared with relevant stakeholders as new features are developed and released.
- Proactively shares product knowledge, insight and tools with others Technology and representing expertise externally when necessary.
- Maintains an appropriate level of skills and the necessary capacity to fulfil product realization responsibilities.

Must Have Skills:

Mindset - Can-do attitude in a fast-paced, complex and often ambiguous environment
Strong bias for action and impatience for improvement.
Commercially-aware and user-focused - ability to understand needs and identify priorities to unlock value through analytics.
Interest in and curiosity about Robotics.
Skills - Excellent analytical and quantitative skills
Ability to work in a team effectively and / or work autonomously, dealing well with uncertainty.
Knowledge of working with multiple functional areas, including product management, engineering, UX/UI, Research, and Analytics.
Proven ability to plan, prioritize, manage, track and deliver on commitments.
Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment.
Defining product roadmaps, building collaboratively with design and engineering peers, and shipping at scale.
Capture, documentation and communication of requirements to support product realization.
Experience - Experience working with products involving complex systems.
Experience as Product Owner/Manager.
Experience working on highly cross functional teams involving product management, engineering, research, and customer success.


Starting: ASAP

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