Senior Frontend Engineer

Senior Frontend Engineer

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent
This job allows you to work remotely 

Job Description

•Lead in building the foundation for the frontend codebase structure, testing requirements and policies in anticipation of the team's growth and scaling requirements
•Implement fully automated test coverage which is integrated with CI/CD
•Maximize page speed, both for loading and interactions
•Implement TypeScript throughout the codebase
•Collaborate with UI/UX designers, engineers, marketing, and other stakeholders to help design and implement new features, simplify the existing codebase, and scale our systems as we rapidly grow and evolve.
•Implement a more modular architecture to our product suite
•Collaborate with designers to develop a component library which is used across applications to bring continuity and standardization of design
•Continuously improve our user experience
•Use your creativity and provide recommendations on user features or new products

Must Have Skills:

•4+ years of professional experience building reusable frontend components that can be applied across platforms
•Experience with React, React Native, TypeScript, AWS, MongoDB and JS frameworks
•Experience with micro-services architecture and best practices
•Engineers with strong component and design systems knowledge
•Working knowledge of typography, layout systems
•Deep understanding of semantic HTML, CSS, and client-side JavaScript
•Writing good quality code and unit/end to end tests.


Starting: ASAP

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