ML Engineer

ML Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is reinventing a $100 billion industry through an online, wholesale vehicle marketplace that provides car dealerships a more effective and transparent way of buying and selling wholesale vehicles through 20-minute auctions. Their technology modernizes the entire arc of auction operations. They strive to be the most trusted source in the industry for dealers to buy and sell wholesale vehicles.

Machine Learning (ML) team is seeking a talented, experienced candidate to join our team as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer. Multiple product teams rely on the ML team’s solutions. We are scaling current CV/NLP solutions toward human-in-the-loop capabilities as well as developing new solutions where scheduling and automated assignment are critical to solve at scale.

This role will engage multiple projects delivering another form of machine learning like CV or NLP OR delivering another ACV service with an eye towards optimizing that assignment. These are not small projects and are regularly recognized by the executive team as key differentiators making the product disruptive in the industry.

Must Have Skills:

•BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field
•3-5+ yrs professional experience related to ML engineering, notably examples running ML/DL projects from discovery to delivery. (in some cases of lead authorship, so years of professional experience may be substituted with leading an academic lab)
•Expertise with Python (strong emphasis on keras, TF, pytorch, sklearn, opencv)
•Strong software experience with SQL, version control, APIs, and pipelines involved in MLOps requirements of deploying, maintaining, and monitoring ML in production.
•Good scripting, functional, and vectorized scientific programming skills in python
•Good exploratory data analysis and reporting skills
•Experience with Docker, Git, CI systems, Kubernetes
•Experience with AWS ecosystem (RDS, EC2, S3, EFS)


Starting: ASAP

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