Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is a Toronto home grown Quantum Computer Lab and is a team compiled of learners, innovators, researchers, collaborators and problem solvers. They are creating something that has never been built before. What they are doing is extremely hard, the classic moon shot. Few people in their life will be able to be a part of something like this, where if we are successful, the technologies we develop will solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, and literally change the world. And that is something to be excited about!

They have just raised their Series B and have over 150 million in funding to date, and have come out with some amazing products so far including the world 1st dedicated open source library for quantum machine learning. As a Software Developer you will help build a quantum cloud platform that will allow anyone in the world to use our innovative quantum hardware. You will be involved in completely reshaping the nature of computation as we know it. We are looking for people who have experience with some of the task below:

-Is comfortable working in cross-functional teams.
-Is able to evangelize proper software development practises throughout the team.
-Can work anywhere in the stack, from databases, to REST APIs and above.
-Is comfortable working with a variety of open-source software including Nginx, Redis, and Postgres.
-Understands the full lifecycle of software development, including version control, code review, testing, continuous integration, logging, documentation and debugging.
-Is able to work productively on a geographically distributed team.
-Is able to contribute to open-source projects at a high technical level.
-Is curious and enthusiastic about new and unfamiliar technologies.
-Pays careful attention to detail.
-Has good communication skills and can express complex technical concepts in a clear and easy to understand way.

Must Have Skills:

-Is proficient in Python.
-Is adept at working with Linux.
-Is comfortable working with Git and GitHub.
-Is a generalist developer who is comfortable working in multiple languages.
-Hands-on experience building large, fault-tolerant, distributed systems at scale.
-Experience using Docker and deploying to cloud platforms like AWS or Google Cloud
-Working knowledge of front-end development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and front-end web frameworks like React, Vue.js, or Angular).
-Working knowledge of client-server architecture.
-A basic understanding of machine learning and AI.

primarily work with Python, but we use a variety of tools including C++, Postgres, Redis, Docker, CI pipelines, and multiple cloud platforms. We build using a distributed microservice model, and we are constantly exploring new technologies to add to our stack.


Starting: ASAP

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