Senior Smart Contract Engineer

Senior Smart Contract Engineer

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Job Description

Smart contracts are simply autonomous software that can live forever and run in the open, without the need for maintenance or servers.

The most popular smart contract language until now has been Solidity, but wow it's a mess.

That's why our client created Cadence, the world's first high level resource-oriented programming language. Cadence makes smart contract development easier, faster, and safer – with far less scope for errors and a super simple syntax that looks like Swift or Rust but is built from the ground up for smart contracts, NFTs, and decentralized apps.

We are looking to hire several detail-oriented backend engineers who are excited about learning smart contract development through the lens of Cadence specifically – we'll take care of onboarding and giving you a crash course of what makes blockchain development different.

ou’ll work directly with the team defining the Cadence smart contract programming language, and contribute directly to the dapps that will bring blockchain into the mainstream. The projects in our pipeline range from the low-level “service contracts” that manage Flow’s proof-of-stake bonding mechanisms, all the way up to defi “building blocks” like DEXs and consumer-facing software

Must Have Skills:

Appreciate the power and limitations of immutable smart contract code.
Believe that the readability of code is a critical part of the blockchain user experience.
Developed a widely-used smart contract.
A working understanding of one or more of Solidity, Rust, Move, or Cadence.
Significant contributions or leadership of an open source project.
Contribute and enforce best practices throughout the development process.
Comfortable trying out new tools, failing fast, and handling “unknown unknowns”.
Adamant about automated testing, with expansive coverage.
Energized by the challenge and opportunity of working with new languages and programming paradigms.


Starting: ASAP

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