Sr. Product Designer

Sr. Product Designer

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent
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Job Description

We are seeking a savvy product design expert who knows how to work on a fast-paced product team, collaborating closely with other designers, engineering, product management, and subject matter experts to deliver products that continuously create incredible experiences for users.

Here's what you’ll be doing:

Designing user-centred experiences with measurable outcomes. You turn ideas into a reality, by putting (figurative) pen to paper:
- Shaping solutions for user-centered problems.
- You’ll participate in the development of actionable user personas, journey maps and use cases for each audience persona to inform design and development. You’ll define user goals and requirements in collaboration with Product and key team members.

Developing designs that drive user experience outcomes:
- You will utilize lean, user-centered design methods to gather insights about The Company’s users and transform them into innovative, intuitive, and accessible experiences.
- You will communicate and visualize user insights and solution concepts through appropriate artifacts (ex. personas, process maps, flows, problem statements, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, etc.).
- You’ll make sure design solutions are customer-focused, intuitive and flawlessly executed; and artfully deliver real business results.

Creating responsive designs:
- You’ll deliver responsive solutions for desktop and mobile-hybrid experiences.

Must Have Skills:

Here's what you'll bring to the table:

A designer who’s passionate about delighting visitors and inspiring action:
- You genuinely respect and appreciate your user.
- You understand that the key to great design is understanding your user and delighting them at every stage of their journey. When creating designs, you’re always putting yourself in the user's shoes, questioning whether it’s relevant enough, intuitive enough, interesting enough, and clear enough.
- You are a natural collaborator.
- You are a team-oriented person who excels in an innovative environment and someone who enjoys working with talented people on outstanding products. You are skilled at collaborating with other designers to influence and evolve existing patterns and design systems to ensure you are building a consistent ecosystem of products. Your ability to create relationships with engineers and product managers allows you to successfully facilitate the development of designs from concept through deployments.

Design is in your blood:
- You have a natural affinity for design that tells you when something looks, feels, and sounds good. You are a critical thinker who sees unique solutions when most would not.
- With your stellar communication and presentation skills you can clearly communicate design decisions to leadership, engineers, and other teams.
- You have no problem killing your darlings.
- If someone challenges your ideas, you relish the opportunity to get feedback and improve. If you make a bad call, you don’t take it personally — you just figure out what went wrong and learn from it. You have an unfailing “win or learn” mentality, and are known for your resilience in high-stake situations.
- You encourage fearless creativity.
- You think big and propose “crazy” ideas. You understand that inspired designs are the ones that get noticed, and that inspiration comes from an open, supportive, and creative environment.
- You’re grounded in delivering business results.
- While you appreciate fearless creativity, you balance this with an unflagging focus on the bottom line. At the end of the day, you understand that the designs you create ultimately drive user outcomes.
- You’re a motivating, team-oriented, people person.
- You know how to communicate and coordinate. You earn and give respect so that you can collaborate with the team and persuade the right people of your recommendations.

You thrive where you can make a big impact:
- You are inspired by the idea of working with a small team to quickly deliver products that are used daily and make a difference. You relish the opportunity to be involved in the continuous improvement of these products.
- You’re resilient.
- You know how to balance what you want to do with what you can do based on the time and resources available.
- You leave your ego at the door.
- You have integrity and talent, you’re outgoing, and you have a palpable excitement about the future — without showing it off. You don’t have patience for shadiness, mediocrity, cynicism, or excessive "constructive criticism."

A few important "Must Haves":

You must be experienced.
- This isn’t your first rodeo. You have at least 8 years of experience as a user experience/product designer and have sound professional knowledge of user-centered design, usability principles and techniques. You have worked in companies as part of the product team and you have collaborated with product managers and developers, experiencing entire products being built and reiterated. You can communicate and visualize user insights and solution concepts through appropriate artifacts (ex. personas, process maps, flows, problem statements, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, etc.)
- It’s not just about the design, but how it will function. If you have experience doing user research and developing design systems, that’s a big plus. You must have a portfolio to submit.

You can deliver design artifacts.
- You have solid skills in detailed interaction design
 and you are skilled in user-centered methods and process
. You also have solid experience with design and prototyping tools such as Figma, XD, Sketch, Axure, etc.

You must have experience working closely with others on Agile teams.
- You have experience working on Agile teams and enjoy working with a multidisciplinary team in a fast-paced, highly-dynamic environment with multiple stakeholders
to solve challenges. You won’t just be drafting a design, handing it off, and moving onto the next thing.
- You’ll be working side-by-side with a small team that is geographically distributed and you will be constantly iterating and improving. Your ability to create and maintain working relationships will be critical.

You must be able to wear multiple hats.
- We are not a rigid structure. You’ll have your team, but you may also be asked to hop on another project when it’s needed, or switch gears. If you can heed that call and keep a few balls in the air, you’ll excel here.


Starting: ASAP

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