DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Toronto, Ontario, Canada †-†Permanent
This job allows you to work remotely†

Job Description

Our Delivery team is looking to add a DevOps Engineer to our growing company. Youíll join our
Engineering Operations team in support of our small, agile delivery teams composed of product
managers, designers, testers, and developers all committed to delivering great products

What you will do here:

● Create cutting edge cloud infrastructure. You will help design, build and support the
critical infrastructure for delivering and running our software services, ensuring reliability
for travelers and airlines.
● Automate all the things. You will help build deployment and testing pipelines, automated
provisioning of cloud infrastructure, and infrastructure support services such as
monitoring; all supporting our cloud native approach to building applications.
● Secure our customersí data. You will build the security of our passengersí data into our
infrastructure at every step of its evolution.
● Shepherd our DevOps culture. DevOps is a culture not a team and you will be a key
facilitator and champion of that culture.
● Solve problems. This is a role for someone who sees a problem and can identify the
steps needed to resolve it and take action in a creative but stable way.
● Collaborate. Our small polyskilled teams work close up and down our tech stack and
across disciplines to build the best platform possible for our customers and passengers.

Must Have Skills:

What you will need to excel here:

● A passion to create technology that will make the lives of passengers all over the world
● Expertise in building and supporting cloud infrastructure from providers such as AWS
● Experience working with server virtualization, Kubernetes, and IaaS and PaaS cloud
tools and techniques
● Real-world knowledge of infrastructure provisioning tools such as Docker, Terraform,
and/or Ansible
● Experience with scripting and programming languages, particularly Python. Polyglot is
● Experience with continuous integration tools such as Gitlab, Codefresh, Jenkins,
Travis-CI, and/or other modern CI tools
● Experience administering application servers, web servers, and databases
● Experience with security and privacy standards and regulations such as PCI-DSS, ISO
27001 and/or GDPR is a plus
● A focus on supporting and facilitating software development teams releasing
production-ready software on a daily basis
● Effective communication skills where you listen with the intent of truly understanding and
are concise, articulate, and candid when communicating - both verbally and in writing
● A drive for excellence and a passion for creating cool stuff, breaking down barriers and
completely changing the game


Starting: ASAP

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