Head of Data

Head of Data

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is the world's first blockchain entertainment company. They are on track to be the fastest-growing marketplace in history with over $200 million in sales in the past 30 days alone.

They're looking for a top-tier Head of Data to help them to lead the data team in creating actionable insights from data for various products across multiple lines of business from their NFT platform to Crypto Wallet and Blockchain. The Head of Data will play a key role in growing a business through their insights, and will help shape the way revolutionary new technologies are introduced to and adopted by new audiences.

What you'll do:

Build a culture of data-driven decision making across the organization and a portfolio of products.
Lead the data team in providing actionable insights based on metrics, data, and defined business objectives.
Facilitate individual growth in our team of data scientists, engineers, and analysts and expand the team as needed.
Guide recommendations around data-driven features for existing products.
Build and maintain a world-class data pipeline, warehouse, business intelligence and analytics solution.
Identify and standardize the governance of data and analytics used in support of the business strategy, including the governance of data and algorithms used for analysis, analytical applications and automated decision making.
Develop, obtain support of, and execute a Data Strategy & Roadmap.
Identify new sources of data to drive business innovation throughout the organization. Define processes for the effective, integrated introduction of new data.
Lead the strategy and development of data and analytics products, including refining existing data sources and visualization tools.

Must Have Skills:

You have a strong track record of building high-performing data teams.
You have 5+ years implementing data practices, developing KPIs, and managing data-driven decision-making across a portfolio of products on an organization–wide level.
You have a history of empowering whole organizations to use data by making data easy-to-use, flexible, and as self-serve as possible.
You have considerable experience architecting data pipelines and structures that can satisfy multiple products and different stakeholders.
You deeply understand integrating analytics into mature products and prototypes, including software development, version control systems, and continuous integration.
You understand how to automate data analysis, create visualization tools, and dashboards.
You bring a deep understanding of working with various business units to derive KPIs and deliver actionable insights.
You have experience in the application of data science, with a deep understanding of relevant topics including statistics, supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques such as clustering, dimensional reduction and classification, and anomaly detection.
You provide an expertise in experiment design.
You have experience with data wrangling, dealing with incomplete or noisy data.
You are technically fluent, with production experience processing large datasets, in batch and realtime.
You approach work and decision-making by empowering the people around you, effectively utilizing the team's expertise and enabling them to do their best work.


Starting: ASAP

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