Senior Infrastructure and Devops Lead

Senior Infrastructure and Devops Lead

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Montreal, Quebec, Canada  - Permanent
This job allows you to work remotely 

Job Description

The Infrastructure and Devops Lead is responsible for the overall health of our cloud infrastructure and cross-functional DevOps pipelines and projects. You will be working very closely with the Development, QA and IT teams to ensure the proper delivery of solutions to customers.
The main focus of this role is automation across the board to deliver a streamlined process in deploying code changes, updates to the product, security updates, version updates, final deployment to servers and workstations, with monitoring and alerting throughout.
As theInfrastructure and Devops Lead, you have a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the technical direction of our tooling solutions and to grow the devops mindset in the engineering teams.

The Day-to-Day:

Work directly with all involved parties such as Development, QA, Support and IT
Create and maintain fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment
Implement DevOps practices within the engineering team, geared towards automation and monitoring
Build and maintain our scalable deployment infrastructure
Implement full-stack monitoring, alerting, and log aggregation
Serve as technical lead for large complex projects that involve cross-functional teams and solutions
Coach and mentor your team members

Must Have Skills:

You have fantastic communication skills.
You enjoy mentoring and teaching teammates and colleagues.
You're able to discuss technical topics with non-technical people.
Strong SRE / DevOps experience
Experience with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI
Proven record of having built and deployed scalable applications in the Cloud.


Starting: ASAP

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