Head of Data Science

Head of Data Science

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is on a mission to build human-like intelligence in machines. Since 2014, they've been paving the way for a world filled with more powerful and helpful AI systems. They bring together artificial intelligence and remote human guidance to create intelligent robots that solve real-world problems alongside humans in complex, changing environments like today's supply chain. The company is growing rapidly and they are searching for individuals for highly-impactful roles who are natural leaders, have great attention to detail, are proactive self-starters and interact easily with all levels of a high-performance team.

The Head of Data Science will align the thinking about data science and data more generally across the different teams within Advanced Technology. They will help bridge gaps, represent data science in advanced analytics to the rest of the organization and vice versa..They will also bring alignment in operating models, tools and approaches where it makes sense and support creating local best practices otherwise.

In this role, you will drive a consistent strategy around the use of data and data science across Advanced Technology and to make sure that this strategy is supported by best practices, optimal tooling and other processes required to make it a success.

The successful candidate will need to be able to achieve this without having line management responsibility for all the data scientists in Advanced Technology.

***What you’ll do:

- Bring together the different voices of data science within AT and helping them align on tooling, process and platforms where sensible
- Tell the story of AT data science to the rest of the org and representing the rest of data science back to AT
- Represent the data science craft in AT leadership and helping align AT around things like career planning and recruitment of data scientists / machine learning engineers
- Help with data science due diligence and strategy, in particular where the application of DS fits between different parts of AT or where it covers more than one part of it
- Represent data and data science to other crafts within Advanced Technology

Must Have Skills:

- Knowledge of data science and machine learning and in particular around the business value that this can provide - you have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt when it comes to bringing data science to an organization
- Ability to tell a convincing story internally and externally
- Ability to manage complex stakeholder relationships (incl C-suite), to influence but also to listen
- Knowledge of ML platform tooling, processes and life cycles
- Proactive problem solver comfortable with ambiguity
- Knowledge of the data science startup ecosystem
- Experience with applying machine learning to physical hardware or experience with IoT


Starting: ASAP

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