Senior Systems Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Seeking a Senior Systems Engineer who will automate the engineering operations of and provide tier-2 operational support to our product engineering teams. You will partner with your engineering manager to ensure requirements are defined correctly and collaborate with other engineers across the organization to define solutions, ensure project deadlines are successfully met and effectively communicate with product and engineering team members and internal stakeholders.


- Developing software and scripts in Bash, Python, or Go using development best practices such as DRY, KISS, and TDD as appropriate.
- Automate the provisioning of new infrastructure for new applications or systems and when scaling to meet system demand.

Engineering Enablement:
- Build internal tooling and libraries that helps other engineering teams build new business value faster and better.
- You're building reusable tasks and targets for other teams to incorporate in their CI/CD pipelines.
- Support business-critical operations tooling to help our team build, deploy and monitor their applications in a complex production environment.
- Make broad changes across multiple code bases efficiently and without disruption to other teams to implement new cross-cutting concerns.

- You know when and when not to apply infrastructure as code.
- Your infrastructure is well-secured.
- You're familiar with AWS IAM and resource policies.
- You've demonstrated progress in improving our security posture.
- You help mitigate costs by determining bulk purchase opportunities and implementing them.

- Network troubleshooting, subnetting, and routing should all be required skills.
- Comfortable with AWS.
- Your networks don't contain unnecessary cruft in old DNS, old VPCs, or poorly configured firewall rules.

- Write documentation on what the squad plans to do, is doing and has completed.
- Documentation should be easily accessible and should lead to productive discussions within the squad and/or other teams.

- Identify areas for improvement and innovation within the squad ecosystem by investigating and proposing new technologies and/or best practices, and leading the charge on implementing them.

- Participate in resolving production incidents by providing Tier-2 support to our product engineering teams and troubleshoot issues in a distributed system.
- Secure and safeguard data to preserve its integrity, reliability, and availability and ensure appropriate access levels are maintained.
- Participate in an on-call support rotation.

Must Have Skills:

Required Experience:
- You have at least 7 years of hands on experience as an Engineer across multiple environments.
- Demonstrated leadership and mentorship skills.
- We value humility, a strong work ethic, flexibility, collaboration, technical curiosity, and constant learning.
- You work well in complex environments by learning new programming languages, engineering concepts and whatever else helps you get your job done well.
- Some understanding of “infrastructure as code,” “cattle vs. pets,” immutable architecture or Cloud-Native methodologies.
- Experience with small teams that move fast -- all members are expected to be able to achieve maximum results with minimal direction.
- You can write complex Bash scripts. You can quickly learn Python and/or Go.
- You are familiar with container platforms and orchestration tools such as Kubernetes, Mesos, or Docker Swarm.
- You are an expert in one of the three major cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure. Preferably AWS since we use that today.


Starting: ASAP

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