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Lead Developer

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Job Description


Our client is a knowledge sharing platform built around its users’ personal networks. They're looking for a Lead Developer to help build out and iterate on their mobile application as it enters the beta testing phase with early users. This position comes with significant decision-making responsibilities and control over all technical and product design aspects of the business. As a member of the core founding team, you'll be expected to be an aspirational self-starter who thrives in early start-up environments. You're a quick learner, critical thinker, resourceful problem-solver, and collaborative team player who can “wear many hats” in the context of tech development.

Who are they?:

Our client strives to unlock access to the collective knowledge and life experience of the people in our personal networks. Starting with a simple and intuitive mobile application, they are building a vibrant community where members engage with and help out each other. With potential use cases spanning all aspects of everyday life, they're reimagining the future of how we get information, solve problems and engage with the people around us. They're an early-stage start-up co-founded by two friends with an idea and a dream. They each have close to a decade of experience working with and investing in technology companies and are blessed with a deep network of mentors, advisors and supporters. They're passionate about their work and abide by the principles of collaboration, respect and intellectual honesty. As they grow their team, they're seeking someone like-minded who shares their vision and values.

Why join them?:

- Experience transformational personal and professional growth working as a core part of the founding team and building towards a vision with limitless potential
- Collaborate within a high-performing team of problem solvers and critical thinkers as they all share their ideas and learn from each other
- Shape the future of the product, the company and the way people connect, engage and share knowledge by taking charge of all technical elements of this exciting venture
- Access leadership opportunities and assume responsibilities for team building as the company rapidly scales
- Enjoy a healthy work-life balance with the flexibility to manage your own schedule and opportunity to work remotely

Your Responsibilities:

- Assume primary responsibilities over all aspects of full-stack development of the product
- Work closely with co-founders/users/testers to understand and define requirements
- Developing/coding new product iterations and new feature implementations
- Continued maintenance and improvement of the existing code base
- Managing and implementing future migration to Android/iOS native tech stacks
- Collaborate with co-founders on product vision and new feature design
- Collaborate with co-founders to manage, hire, and build out the development team
- Assume primary responsibilities over all technical aspects of the business' operations

Your Roadmap:

As a member of the founding team, you're expected to carve out your own path and to bring independent perspectives on how you plan to use your skillset to help build the company. Until then, however, the below serves to set out the baseline expectations:

First 30 days:
- Sync up with co-founders on company vision and product roadmap
- Walkthrough and review of existing system infrastructure
- End-to-end review of the current product code base and tech stack
- Plan out and prioritize next steps with respect to product development

First 60 days:
- Take over primary responsibilities for codebase maintenance and improvement
- Begin new feature development and product iteration based on user feedback
- Implement changes and improvements to system infrastructure

First year:
- Assume leadership role and help assemble the full technical team
- Participate in the fundraising process of the seed round
- Continue to play the lead role in maintaining and improving the product

Must Have Skills:

- A bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science/software engineering
- Coding/product development experience with proficiency in JavaScript, React Native, Node, MySQL (previous experience with AWS is a plus)
- Previous experience developing Android/iOS applications
- Previous experience developing or designing consumer/social networking/social media applications is a major plus (but not required)
- Previous experience working at a start-up is a major plus (but not required)
- Previous leadership experience is a plus (but not required)


Starting: ASAP

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