Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Remote, Ontario, Canada -Permanent
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Job Description

Help fix the legal industry!

The way legal paperwork gets done is filled with inefficiencies, which leads to ridiculously high legal fees. Our client fixes this by building software that automates and streamlines the process.

They're profitable and growing sustainably. They're the most popular way for high-growth technology startups to form, and are also used by tons of top-tier startups for hiring and fundraising. Their software is more advanced than any other online legal service. They've invested a lot in architecture, maintainability, and testing, giving them a significant advantage as they build out functionality that founders and attorneys can currently only dream of.

They're a quiet leader in the legal technology space if you are interested in changing the legal industry, this is arguably the best place to be.

Tech Stack:

- Their backend is mostly in Ruby on Rails, with very small amounts of Scala and Go as well (not required).
- Their front-end is mostly in Ember (but they're open to any modern JavaScript libraries and frameworks).
- They use CI extensively for linting, tests, visual diffs, and deployment.
- They're not religious about any particular technology they believe in using the right tool for a given problem.

This is a great fit if you want to work:

- On a complex product, with a ton of engineering challenges.
- In a company that strongly values good software development practices.
- At a product-driven company bringing an archaic industry into the future.
- On a beloved product with a lot of usage and visibility in the startup community.
- With bright people who are extremely passionate about their work.
- Where you'll be a key early software engineer.
- At a financially sound company that is not dependent on venture capital financing.

You must have:

- An inability to write anything but clean, maintainable code.
- A strong aversion to code without test coverage.
- Deep experience with building, maintaining and optimizing large-scale, production Ruby on Rails applications
- Significant experience building software as part of a team with strong development practices
- Excellent written English communication skills
- Experience with Ember is a bonus, but not mandatory.

They've been remote-first since 2013. They are happy to support an H-1B visa application after 2 years of employment if desired.

Compensation is at the high end or top of the market for a Series A/B startup, with full health insurance coverage and other standard benefits.


Starting: ASAP

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