Full Stack Developer (.NET / React)

Full Stack Developer (.NET / React)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client partner provides the largest non-profit platform for fundraising, and is one of the most trusted successful charitable social enterprises, in Canada. They help raise over $130 Million for charities annually, and, unlike some organizations, take a very small, fully transparent, marginal operating percentage. With an entrepreneurial mindset, they use software to better the world.

To keep operations running smoothly, and to keep building new solutions to help support the worthwhile causes of their partners, this shop needs to find another intermediate Full Stack Developer, who leans toward the Front End, to work with the team. If you take on this role, you’ll have the benefits of a proper startup - reasonable autonomy for your tasks, best-argument-wins decision making, agile development processes, etc - coupled with a very decent work-life balance (people actually work 9-5, and most devs take 2 remote days). You’ll also have the benefit of building something that you know has a positive impact on society, while honing your skills.

Must Have Skills:

● 3+ overall years of front-end application experience
● .NET/C# experience
● Advanced experience with Javascript, Bootstrap, LESS/SASS/CSS, and jQuery
● SQL Server experience
● Understanding of the importance of test coverage and CI
● Experience with git and github

Nice to Have Skills:

● Experience using React/Redux & Typescript
● Experience in eCommerce, Linux
● Elastic search, Redis
● Experience in Django
● SQL Server experience


Starting: ASAP

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