Senior Backend Software Engineer

Senior Backend Software Engineer

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Toronto, Ontario, Canada  - Permanent
This job allows you to work remotely 

Job Description

Our client is a Canadian mobile-focused eCommerce, travel, and FinTech scale-up that, just 4 years since its inception, is poised to process their $1 Billion in transactions. 

To what do they owe their success? Using data-driven decision making to take calculated risks, creating the most value for users, and by giving the team the autonomy and support they need to perform and grow. 

As they grow, they’re looking for Backend Engineers to join the platform group and help them scale. 

Their platform engineering group tackles the most complex performance, scalability, and infrastructure backend challenges at the company. Their engines handle over 1000 requests/second, ingest over 1TB/day of data and processes over $1MM/day in sales, while maintaining a 99.9+% uptime. 

Expect to:

• Ship high-impact projects end-to-end in a fast-paced, iterative environment
• Have the opportunity to very meaningfully propel the business forward, and see the impact of your work on the company’s business metrics and user experience
• Own features, services, caches, and databases, including: deployment, monitoring, debugging, and testing
• Uphold standards for quality by performing code reviews
• Mentor junior developers
• Participate in cross-functional team projects, work with external stakeholders, and help shape the roadmap for future team projects
• Be data-driven, running experiments for nearly everything you launch

The Tech Stack:

* State of the art architecture powered by micro-services, written primarily in Python (Flask and Quart Framework), Redis, and Postgres for storage with a focus on scalability and maintainability

* Gitlab for version control and (along with Docker) CI/CD, and our infrastructure is hosted on AWS, making use of Kubernetes, RDS, etc

*  Data pipelines (DAGs) with Airflow to schedule and run them

* Heavy investment in monitoring and automated alerting using Datadog, and integrate this data into creating self-healing systems

* Application-level log information using a proprietary logging pipeline, and leveraging data analysis using Snowflake & Looker to facilitate data-driven decision making and experimentation

Must Have Skills:

* You have 5+ years backend software development, and 3+ years of work experience preferably in Python, Java, Node.js, or Go

* You are interested in building products in a startup environment: moving quickly, being data-driven, wearing multiple hats, continuously learning

* You are highly motivated, have a strong sense of ownership, and are able to drive projects end-to-end

* You have experience working with microservices, caches, and databases, and are comfortable tackling system design challenges

* You enjoy working as part of an agile team, contributing to standups, sprint ceremonies, and quarterly project planning

* You look forward to working on cross-team projects


Starting: ASAP

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