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Recruitment Consultant

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Job Description

At GuruLink, we're a team of 30+ recruitment specialists operating in Calgry, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and San Francisco. Our team is diversified, not just in terms of talents and skills, but also in backgrounds and geographies. We've got folks working out of our home base in Toronto, as well as South America, Vancouver, Calgary. Philippines, Montreal, Mexico, Niagara Falls, and a few digital nomads who are always on the move...

As a company, we’ve been around for almost 20 years and have become a dynamic group that is passionate about the tech industry and matchmaking top talent with our substantial (and ever-growing) list of diverse clients. Our combination of industry knowledge and a no ‘BS’ approach to servicing both clients and candidates is a refreshing change from how people often operate in our industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to deeply understand candidates' personal targets for career growth while delivering proven results for our clients, and we play hard to celebrate our success!

Since the beginning of 2021, we've gained some serious momentum and are looking for a Senior Recruitment Consultant to join us. Not only will you grow with our team, you'll also help our clients grow theirs.

For long, agencies have had a bad rep. And to be frank, we think most recruitment agencies suck too... With that in mind, allow us to pitch you on why we think you'll love working at GuruLink.

For starters, you'd get to work with some of the most exciting and well-known companies in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and San Francisco. Did you order lunch recently using an app on your phone? We probably work with that company. Bought something online from a popular e-commerce store or had your groceries delivered to you using an app? Yup, we work with 'em too! Played that cool new game that just came out on your PS5/Xbox/PC/phone recently? That's right, we probably placed some of the best engineers who worked on that game! But wait, there’s more...

Here's what we're bringing to the table for you:

🤝 We only work with the clients we want. Over the years, we've spent a lot of time building our reputation, and people genuinely want to work with us (check out our testimonials). This means we can pick and choose who we decide to engage with. The clients and candidates that love to work with us tell us our service is unrivalled and we'd like to keep it that way by bringing exceptionally talented people like you on board.

⚖️ We're not a sweatshop. Agencies are notorious for long hours. Not us - we're just not into that. Burning the midnight oil generally signals something is wrong. To avoid this, we are very purposeful with how we scope and service our clients. And, if we need extra help, we know to efficiently deploy the entire team to be effective when servicing clients and candidates. Work/life balance is important to us and we work smart, not hard.

🕴️ You will leave here a better entrepreneur. We don't expect you to stay here forever, and we want you to leave with the knowledge, skills, and experience to take on whatever challenge comes next. You'll gain a ton of experience working with some of the coolest tech companies around operating in different verticals. You'll also get to build a network of some of the best technical talent and learn what it takes to help individuals and companies grow.

🏃 A diverse and fast-paced environment with lots of autonomy where you can thrive. You will do well here as long as you hold yourself accountable for the calibre of work you're looking to put out. There's lots to keep up with when the market is hot (which is always, basically) and nobody will be breathing down your neck. If you promise to deliver, you are someone who knows how to balance work/life in order to meet those deliverables.

👫 A team that supports you. We understand that recruitment can be tough and it's not always easy to gain/keep momentum. Pipelines can run dry, candidates can change their minds, and clients can be tough to please. This can be hard sometimes to manage all on your own, so account managers work with you as a team to help you take things across the finish line.

Here's what you're bringing to the table:

💪 Not afraid to make mistakes and ask questions to continually improve. Working with tech companies means being able to work like them. In our context, you're someone who is always looking to try new angles of recruiting, tripling down on the ones that work, asking questions that will take you from a "no" to a "yes" sooner, learning from feedback, and delivering to the best of your capabilities.

👨‍💼 Client requirements change from time to time. Being able to adapt quickly to their needs in our competitive market will help you stand out not only with them but internally with our team as well.

👩‍💼 This goes both ways with candidates too. We are always working with very highly skilled technical folks who are either laser-focused on what they're looking for in their next career move or sometimes need some guidance/nudging towards the right role for themselves. Being able to think empathetically from their perspective will make you memorable in their eyes and they will thank you for the amazing opportunities you'll land them (and so will our clients).

🤹 Doing the dance. Managing expectations on both the candidate's and client's sides at the same time while providing a high level of service to both is an art. Knowing when to push and pull, how to be diplomatic, firm, transparent, and realistic in certain interactions, are just some of the skills you're bringing to the dance.

🐐 Ambitious, hungry, fearless, and knowing enough to be dangerous. Top that with a genuine interest in the tech industry and a passion for helping individuals take the next steps in their careers. Those are just some of the traits that will help you be successful here, and if you've got some of those under your belt already, we'd love to talk to you!

🧠 Open-mindedness. Recruitment can become a tough game when opinions get involved, and we all know opinions can jade people. Keeping an open mind here will afford you the opportunity to harness those opinions tactfully so you can deliver in tough situations (both internally - with colleagues, and externally - with clients and candidates).

👀 A keen eye for who can talk the talk and walk the walk. In our competitive market, you'll be someone who can pick apart candidate profiles to deeply understand their background and why they'd be good for our clients. We take quality over quantity pretty seriously here.

🤝 A genuine desire to establish sincere and long-term relationships. You'll be working with candidates to help them on their career paths and make some of the most important decisions of their lives. At the same time, you'll also be committed to assisting companies build talent strategies versus just recruiting bodies.

Perks that come working with us:

🏡 Cottage trip. Once a year, we do an awesome cottage trip for the entire team. Think boat riding, swimming in the lake, tons of music and barbecue, bonfires, water balloon fights, sports (tennis, volleyball, basketball, golfing), and a solid tan.

🛩 President's Club getaway. When you hit your targets for the year, you join us on an all-expenses trip abroad. So far, we've done Mexico, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Arizona, and we vote every year where to go next.

🏝️ Summer island trips. During the summer, the team will often pack their laptops and take the ferry over to Toronto Island to work from for the day, with music, barbecue, and drinks.

💰 We compensate well. Like, really well. Normally, we think it's a terrible idea to talk about compensation in a job description. But, after having surveyed the recruitment industry heavily across markets and hearing it from our current (and former) specialists, we actually have the best compensation package for recruiters. We've made it fun and competitive (using an internal leaderboard) for you to hit your own personal targets, and even have bonuses in place for hitting monthly/quarterly company targets. Your goals are our goals.

💻 Remote friendly. Even prior to the pandemic, we were remote-friendly. In this day and age, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to do this. So why not take advantage of that? As of this writing, one of our colleagues is working from South America, another from Cuba, one at a cottage in Muskoka, or where ever


Starting: ASAP

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