Data Engineer

Data Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada †-†Permanent

Job Description

We are looking for a Data Engineer to be a part of our development team that will work on building and maintaining pipelines that process and transform raw data we receive from our clients and make it consumable by multiple internal applications. We are looking for someone to support the vision for our data pipelines that will help us scale and meet future demand.

- Work as part of a Scrum team to maintain and optimize data pipeline to achieve increased performance
- Be responsible for data pipeline architecture factors, such as: fault-tolerance and throughput
- Continuously improve infrastructure for greater scalability
- Assemble large, complex data sets that meet our Recommendation Modelís requirements
- Identify, design, and implement processes that automate manual work for data delivery
- Build and continuously improve APIs to integrate with different email service providers
- Work with our Customer Success team and Model team to assist with data-related technical issues
- Work with our web application team to synchronize and extract data from different email service providers
- Collaborate with product and engineering teams to implement complex projects that require comprehensive and in-depth analysis and understanding of the clientís requirements
- Write clean, efficient code to the latest industry standards.
- Participate in code reviews both as contributor and reviewer - We all review each otherís work here!

Must Have Skills:

- 3+ years of industry experience with object-oriented/functional languages: Python
- In depth knowledge and experience with Django web framework
- SQL and relational databases experience: PostgreSQL
- Provide both functional and technical leadership within projects
- Review code and architecture to ensure that they comply with the company's development standards and industry best practices
- Ability to work autonomously
- Ability to learn, problem solve and know when to ask questions
- A sense of ownership over what you build, thinking through all the edge cases and angles
- Able to empathize with the end-user to produce the best solution for them
- Experience with data pipeline architecture
- Experience building and optimizing big data pipelines and data sets
- Experience manipulating, processing, and extracting data from large data sets
- Experience with big data tools like Hadoop and Spark
- Experience with REST/SOAP APIs
- Experience with modern cloud technologies: AWS cloud services, Google Cloud Dataproc
- Experience with Git


Starting: ASAP
Dress Code: Casual

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