Senior Simulation Engineer

Senior Simulation Engineer

Remote/Telecommute JobREMOTE / Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada  - Contract
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Job Description

Our Client is a leading-edge Artificial Intelligence company developing solutions that are transforming the maritime sector.

Using satellite and terrestrial data in real-time their platform processes large volumes of satellite and terrestrial data to provide decision-making
intelligence to save lives, energy and the environment.

They are building a team to support the development and commercialization of this new capability that will have a major impact on maritime risk and vessel efficiency on a global scale.

Job Responsibilities:

● Design and implement simulation models using general-purpose programming languages
● Creating simulations using logistics information processes and GIS data to analyze hypothetical and real scenarios
● Design, develop and implement simulations using in-house developed software and commercial software
● Run simulations to evaluate the effects of selected variables
● Analyze results and present results to technical and commercial teams
● Recommend simulator features and improvements that lead to a greater understanding of the real-world factors
● Grow and improve our simulation library
● Develop simulation models to assist the commercial team in demonstrating their products and capabilities

Must Have Skills:

● Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineer or similar field
● 3+ years’ proven experience related to some form of simulation (static/dynamic/kinematic/process/system) and understanding of its limitations
● Discrete event simulation experience
● Strong computer programming skills in R (or Java) to code out simulations, not using simulation software.

Nice to Have Skills:

● Operational background
● Comfort and abilities working with multiple data sources, including formats, structures, volume, complexity, frequency, etc.

Skills and Attributes:

● Able to work and learn autonomously
● Strong attention to detail including clear, concise and thorough documentation skills
● Ability to listen and develop a deep understanding of project, product and client requirements
● Strong self-initiative and work ethic
● Demonstrated ability to work well in a multi-disciplinary team environment
● Ability to learn and adapt new technologies


Starting: ASAP

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