Principal Software Engineer (Web3.0)

Principal Software Engineer (Web3.0)

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Job Description

Our client is at an inflection point in their journey as the world's leading Web3 company and they are seeking a Principal Software Engineer to lead the charge of their payments platform.

They believe in an open digital future, and that NFTs and Web3.0 are far more than a trend. With full transparency into their software they believe Blockchains are public computers that anyone can access, everyone can trust, and no one can block or take down. Currencies and collectibles are only scratching the surface of what's possible.

In less than a year they launched the largest NFT platform on their own blockchain. What's more, they have done over $200 million in sales in the past 30 days and nearly 300k active users driven by organic growth.

If you agree that Web3.0 is the next tech frontier - and we need to state our case no further we want to talk to you.

Must Have Skills:

Minimum of 10+ years of Software Development experience
Proven track record of designing, building and supporting complex systems in a fast paced environment.
You quickly gain proficiency when exposed to unfamiliar technical patterns, systems and languages.
Designed and scaled web2 APIs and complex backend systems.
You have recent experience with Microservice architectures and system designs. Experience with different data stores and especially SQL databases. You know what data store is best suited to solve a problem and know how to scale and optimize the store for optimal performance.
Anticipate technical issues or limitations before they occur and pro-actively execute on solutions.
Ability to influence and affect change without requiring reporting authority. You communicate well, and effortlessly interact with business units outside of engineering to move our product forward.

Nice to Have Skills:

Familiar with our commonly used technology choices (Golang, Node, Javascript)
Developed decentralized applications, infrastructure, or interaction with blockchains
Understand the deployment process, and is comfortable with docker, containers, and Kubernetes
Familiar with event-driven architectures, Kafka, and comfortable with eventual consistency
Have a strong understanding of the application and API security
Have expertise in payments


Starting: ASAP

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