Game Engineer

Game Engineer

San Francisco, California, USA  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is a remote-first Series A company which has raised over $100m in funding, backed by Sequoia Capital. We are looking for thoughtful, low-ego, and hardworking professionals who can both zoom into the details and zoom out to embrace the big picture. Our client is a team of passionate makers and tinkerers with a healthy disregard for constraints and a love of experimentation.

Our client's team of Game Engineers make polished, high-performance HTML5 mobile games. We are currently looking for Game Engineers to join their growing global team. We’re seeking people who are proficient with JS and passionate about making games, but it's always a bonus if you know more than JavaScript! They write cross-compilers, GPU shaders, NodeJS back­ends, JavaScript game APIs and tools, and whatever else it takes. You will work with the best engineers in the world; they have top talent in every part of their stack.

Some of your responsibilities will include, but not be limited too:

- Being responsible for designing, developing, and deploying major game features from end to end.
- Being the champion for the user and having real input on the end-user product!
- Insist on the highest standards and create functional and engaging features that will delight our client users.
- Be part of a tight game development team looking to iterate fast on a fun concept and then build it out.
- Be a key member of a high-performing software engineering team while collaborating with design, engineering, and production teams to devise optimal engineering solutions to game requirements.
- Hands­ on architect and coder for sophisticated client/server systems for mobile gaming.
- Innovate and iterate on process, systems, and technology to deliver world­-class social games.
- Being a leader; Identifying and articulating technical and production risks and obstacles, as well as generating solutions.

Must Have Skills:

- 2+ years of professional software engineering experience, working on cross-functional teams.
- Proven effectiveness in directing or delivering high-quality production software with at least one shipped product of which you were a primary contributor (self-published products are acceptable).
- High motivation to work in the game industry backed by demonstrable games on which you were a primary contributor (self-produced work is acceptable).
- Capable in JavaScript + HTML5 to create custom, interactive, user experiences that are enjoyable on all HTML5 browsers.
- Proficient at using script debuggers like Chrome Debugger.
- Strong Computer Science fundamentals in object­-oriented design, algorithms, and data structures.
- Familiarity with git, svn, or other VCS.
- Great communication skills, self-starter, analytical, creative, and a strong team player.

Nice to Have Skills:

- Specialized skills in a particular area of game development (for example: UI, Physics, graphics, multiplayer, game logic, animation, etc.).
- Both Android and iOS game development experience.
- Solid familiarity with 3rd party SDKs, analytics, and A/B testing in mobile games.
- Understanding of the reactive UI paradigm and experience building UIs using reactive UI frameworks (such as React, and state management Utilities like Redux).
- Knowledgeable about what NPM components can do, and what functionality you are better off custom coding.


Starting: ASAP

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