AI Engineer - Information Retrieval

AI Engineer - Information Retrieval

New York City, New York, USA  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is an early stage startup with the aim of making a big impact in the Financial Services AI space. They are building systems that can automate the most complex knowledge work in the world, e.g., financial analysis, research, due diligence, and more.

They are already working with some of the largest and well established financial institutions and hedge funds around the world. With a waiting list of clients ready to jump on their platform.

They are attempting to solve problems like:

•Creating financial research that's worth paying attention to: aggregating, analyzing, and producing insights from real-time information. Say goodbye to equity research.
•Dealing with the most sensitive data in the world: client data from the largest financial services companies on earth.
•Working past the edge of published AI research: tackling problems beyond the complexity of existing AI benchmarks.
•Unsolved product, architectural, and business problems: natural language interfaces, prohibitively expensive evaluation of models, massive marginal costs, versioning/training/segregating models per task, client, and so on.

What you will do:

As Information Retrieval Engineer you will help design, architect, and implement how to handle large-scale data and complex information retrieval challenges in the context of retrieval augmented generation (RAG).

With a senior eng background, and interest in NLP/LLMs you will be instrumental in developing advanced search and data retrieval systems. Your expertise will directly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the AI-driven financial research tools.

Please Note - This role requires you to be in the office 5x/week.

Must Have Skills:

•Minimum of 4 years of experience in professional software development.
•Mastery in Python.
•Extensive knowledge and experience with SQL, particularly in query optimization; experience with Postgres is highly desirable.
•Strong aptitude for algorithmic thinking and solving performance bottlenecks.
•Experience working with Elasticsearch or other document databases.
•Good understanding of AWS cloud services and containerization.

Nice to Have Skills:

•Experience working with LLMs.
•Experience tackling NLP problems.
•Experience working with Typescript
•Experience with big data and vector databases.
•Experience working in a SOC2 compliant organization or similar regulatory environment.


Starting: ASAP

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