Senior Lead Applied ML Scientist

Senior Lead Applied ML Scientist

San Francisco, California, USA  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client are seeking a team member to join them on the forefront of innovation, catering to the substantial customer demand for enterprise copilots.

In this role, the Lead Applied ML Scientist will closely collaborate with both the CEO and CTO to refine and shape the primary product offering and contribute to growth and team expansion.

Must Have Skills:

● Working with LLMs: Deploying LLMs in production as well as tuning and experimenting with foundational LLMs and search techniques
● Tailored AI Modeling: Building bespoke machine learning models and frameworks for scalable enterprise AI agents
● Diving deep into APIs: Developing a deep understanding of APIs and how to connect them to LLMs
● Developing AI best practices: Implementing monitoring and guardrails around the product and defining best practices for leveraging generative AI in production

Tech Stack:

● User Interface : Leveraging NextJS (Hosted on Vercel) & TailwindCSS
● Backend Operations : Utilizing Python (FastAPI), PostgresDB, Supabase, and S3 Storage
● Cloud Environment : Employing Azure & AWS Infrastructure
● Machine Learning Frameworks : Leveraging HuggingFace, Pytorch, OpenAI, and Anthropic

Special Perks:

This role is Hybrid Remote - with 3 days a week onsite.


Starting: ASAP
Travel: 25%
Dress Code: Casual

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