Manager, Infrastructure, Data and DevOps

Manager, Infrastructure, Data and DevOps

Calgary, Alberta, Canada  - Permanent

Job Description

Our client is building a more rewarding financial experience for all Canadians.

They're a rapidly expanding tech startup comprised of top-level professionals from across the industry. They have been ranked as a top startup in Canada two years running and have added over 1M customers in the last three years.

The company was founded with the mission of creating an alternative to traditional banking and building a better financial future for all Canadians, and building user-friendly products and technology to make their services accessible for everyone.

They are looking for a full-time Manager, Infrastructure and Devops to lead this mission critical team. Although knowledge and experience with cloud-based Infrastructure is required to help guide our strategy, this is first and foremost a people-centric management role where you will spend your time on people-first activities.

Rather than telling the team what to do (even if you know the best answer) you'll ensure you're engaging your team of engineers to participate, own problems, come up with, share and discuss their own solutions. You'll be empowered to help shape the future culture of the infrastructure department.

What you'll be doing:

Coaching - Help the infrastructure team grow and flourish by installing and improving collaborative, team-based practices and a more communicative approach to work. You're here to build the culture: increase engagement, grow interpersonal trust, improve processes, and ensure our day-to-day includes learning and mentorship opportunities. To get there you'll need to be an expert in change management, boosting communication, and personal coaching.

Motivating - You will inspire teams through sharing exciting team milestones, setting ambitious expectations, celebrating wins, reflecting on setbacks, and helping to explain and navigate the priorities of a fast moving company. Ensure each person finds meaning and connection in what they do by connecting their personal goals with company objectives and even taking satisfaction in helping and growing one another. Above all you will foster a social environment where it's "all for one, one for all".

Iterating - You are a change agent that will continue to evolve and mature our processes, best practices, patterns, and how we work. In addition to coaching your team to perform, you'll help guide the team with input into Infrastructure strategy, roadmaps, and schedule, and create an approach that balances fast delivery with quality, stability, efficiency, and personal growth.

The ideal candidate will be:

- Seasoned cloud infrastructure engineers or architects that also have some experience managing and leading teams - looking to focus on strategic and management-focused responsibilities. You find delight more in process improvements than code or architecture improvements.
- Confident, outspoken leaders who are not afraid to get everyone engaged, who take initiative and continuously initiate discussions to improve the team, who can plan concise communications, effortlessly do public speaking, and provide honest feedback at all times
- Team growers who have experience growing teams through helping with recruiting, community engagement, interviewing, hiring, and training of the team.
- Achievers who aren't happy with an average team or keeping things status quo, and who genuinely want to build the best infrastructure team in Canada!
- Key players in startups or fast-growth companies. You know what it's like to work in a truly fast-moving startup environment and you're brave enough to do it again!

Must Have Skills:

Experience Needed

- 10+ years in hands-on technology roles, mostly building or maintaining cloud infrastructure or IT systems in AWS, Azure, GCP or similar. 1+ years in team leadership or management.
- Ability to help translate business goals into infrastructure projects, and to curate and manage a strategic roadmap and delivery schedule, leveraging project-management experience as needed.
- Expertise on the architecture and concepts behind large-scale distributed systems for high availability and robust data in the cloud
- Understanding of security, compliance, auditing, reporting and testing when it comes to cloud-based infrastructure.
- Understanding of how to track, forecast, and manage bottom line costs and work within budgets, but also create ROI analysis for new initiatives.
- Demonstrable love of in-person activities, group-based work, pairing together with others, giving presentations, running interactive educational sessions, taking great notes, running effective team meetings, etc
- Great understanding of state of the art software development processes, how teams scale, and the difference between how average and top engineering teams work day-to-day
- Experience with interviewing and hiring, from entry level positions up to the most senior engineers - beyond just technical interviews.
- Consulting or teaching experience is a nice-to-have
- Strong references who will endorse your ability to lead, communicate, build trust, and engage with the people on your team


Starting: ASAP

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