Tech Salary Data & Insights

Looking to see how your pay stacks up against the market? You’ve come to the right place!

With the pace of change in the technology market traditional salary surveys are often out of date by the time they’re published.

Below is some live data that shows the average, as well as high and low salary for candidates we have placed 1 year or 2 years.

Job salaries per category:  Over 1 year ago  |   Over 2 years ago

Job Category Average pay
.NET  (Currently Hiring) $131,286/yr (from $80,000/yr to $170,000/yr)
Android  $162,500/yr (from $135,000/yr to $190,000/yr)
AngularJS  (Currently Hiring) $165,250/yr (from $80,000/yr to $500,000/yr)
Blockchain/Crypto  $191,167/yr (from $140,000/yr to $260,000/yr)
Business/Systems Analysts  $90,000/yr (from $90,000/yr to $90,000/yr)
C/C++  (Currently Hiring) $142,500/yr (from $100,000/yr to $180,000/yr)
Cloud/Data Centre  (Currently Hiring) $240,000/yr (from $240,000/yr to $240,000/yr)
Consultants  (Currently Hiring) $137,500/yr (from $135,000/yr to $140,000/yr)
Data Analytics/Science/ML/AI  (Currently Hiring) $162,100/yr (from $110,000/yr to $310,000/yr)
Data Engineering  (Currently Hiring) $157,880/yr (from $110,000/yr to $210,000/yr)
Database Administrators  $180,000/yr (from $180,000/yr to $180,000/yr)
Dev Ops  (Currently Hiring) $170,786/yr (from $120,000/yr to $275,000/yr)
Development Managers  (Currently Hiring) $217,500/yr (from $175,000/yr to $275,000/yr)
Director/VP/CTO  $217,500/yr (from $150,000/yr to $275,000/yr)
Elixir/Erlang  $162,500/yr (from $150,000/yr to $170,000/yr)
Front End Developer  (Currently Hiring) $148,800/yr (from $100,000/yr to $210,000/yr)
Gaming  $185,000/yr (from $160,000/yr to $210,000/yr)
Golang  $168,474/yr (from $120,000/yr to $260,000/yr)
iOS  $146,250/yr (from $125,000/yr to $190,000/yr)
IoT Internet of Things  $107,500/yr (from $105,000/yr to $110,000/yr)
IVR  (Currently Hiring) $78,000/yr (from $78,000/yr to $78,000/yr)
Java/J2EE  (Currently Hiring) $143,932/yr (from $80,000/yr to $210,000/yr)
Javascript Engineers  (Currently Hiring) $145,610/yr (from $94,000/yr to $210,000/yr)
Kotlin  $163,750/yr (from $150,000/yr to $170,000/yr)
LAMP/PHP  $140,000/yr (from $140,000/yr to $140,000/yr)
Manager  $195,000/yr (from $75,000/yr to $260,000/yr)
NodeJS  (Currently Hiring) $151,600/yr (from $80,000/yr to $200,000/yr)
Product Managers  $150,833/yr (from $115,000/yr to $190,000/yr)
Project Managers  (Currently Hiring) $145,000/yr (from $80,000/yr to $260,000/yr)
Python  (Currently Hiring) $154,140/yr (from $80,000/yr to $250,000/yr)
QA Engineers  $112,333/yr (from $83,000/yr to $130,000/yr)
ReactJS  (Currently Hiring) $150,667/yr (from $80,000/yr to $210,000/yr)
Ruby on Rails  (Currently Hiring) $160,000/yr (from $135,000/yr to $190,000/yr)
Sales  $70,000/yr (from $70,000/yr to $70,000/yr)
Scala  (Currently Hiring) $183,500/yr (from $150,000/yr to $250,000/yr)
Security  (Currently Hiring) $150,000/yr (from $150,000/yr to $150,000/yr)
SQL Server  $155,000/yr (from $155,000/yr to $155,000/yr)
Support  (Currently Hiring) $75,000/yr (from $75,000/yr to $75,000/yr)
Trainers  $75,000/yr (from $75,000/yr to $75,000/yr)
UX/UI Design  $143,923/yr (from $90,000/yr to $235,000/yr)